June 28, 2020

Ops Boss® Leader Retreat 2020 – Early Bird Tickets Released!

We know you’ve been waiting . . . AND . . . . Early Bird tickets have finally been released for the 3rd Annual OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT!

What is Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat?

It’s an elite, one-of-a-kind, real estate operations event where you can:

  • Optimize your leadership skills
  • See what the TOP teams are doing to succeed
  • Raise your level of thinking and problem solving
  • Find your tribe
  • Grow yourself so you can help others grow
  • Maximize the opportunity to engage with other smart, motivated, successful people who “get it” because they are Ops Bosses™ like YOU!

Why am I so passionate about helping Ops Bosses™ perform at the highest level?

Because I walked in your shoes as COO of one of the nation’s top real estate teams for 23 years. I got tired of attending sales-focused events with maybe one “admin” session on the side and wanted to be around others succeeding in MY role and doing so at the highest level.

So two years ago I created a revoltutionary new event for our industry that was ALL Ops, BY Ops, FOR Ops –  an extension of the Elite Private COO Masterminds I started hosting 5 years ago.

I have reaped the benefits of a life by design. My zeal now comes from giving back and raising the bar. For the past 5 years I, along with my team, have coached & trained more than 2,500 Ops Bosses™ & TC Company Owners around the country. We want to help other Ops Bosses™ be the architects of their own futures, level up and find their tribe. I have a special gift for drawing talented people together and watching them take it up a notch. I know that when the right people are in the room, MAGIC happens.


October 9-11, 2020 in Northern VA (just outside Washington, D.C.)


A weekend purposefully built to mix social, business & personal growth. “Your business only grows to the extent you do.”


  • Friday Night: “Network Like A Boss”
  • Saturday: “Business Like A Boss”
  • Sunday: “Super Soul Sunday – where leaders nourish mind, body, soul & spirit”

Weekend includes:

  • An Outside-The-Box Keynote Speaker
  • Panels Featuring High-Level Ops Bosses™ & Industry Thought Leaders
  • Masterminds on Topics Like Automation, Digital Media, Culture, Onboarding
  • Live Music & Welcome Social
  • Time To Vision & Create A NEW Possible
  • Lots of Coffee 😉

Panelists & Facilitators Include:

  • Jennifer Wade and 3 other Ops Bosses™ from The Reynolds Team (who is tracking for $14 Million in GCI this year!)
  • One of our Ops Boss™ Coaches, Stephanie Brackett (COO of the #28 Team in Units across all brokerages for Real Trends!)

Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat is not for average assistants

It’s for Leaders – COOs, DOOs and EAs ready to go to the next level. Those who think like Intrepreneurs. AND for TC Company Owners, who are Entrepreneurs, and execute with Ops minds.

What about Covid?

We are in unprecedented times and circumstances may require a date change. Your safety is paramount and we will follow government & venue guidelines. This may require the event to be pushed back. If so, our goal is to reschedule the event in-person in 2021. If that is not possible, we will reschedule as a virtual event in 2021. If dates change, your ticket will automatically transfer and we will confirm by email. If dates don’t work, you will have 48 hours to request a refund. After 48 hours, your ticket will be transferred, your seat will be saved and no further refunds will be issued. Names may be changed on registrations at any time. Registrations are otherwise non-refundable. Ops Boss Coaching LLC is not responsible for costs incurred due to date or location change.

Here’s what a previous attendee said about the retreat:If you are in the Ops world, this event is the holy grail. A room packed with Ops Bosses™ who are sharing the very best secrets, concepts and ideas.


Hope to see you in October! Any questions? Don’t hesitate to message me!

Now Let’s get BOSSY!

Christy Belt Grossman, CEO, Ops Boss Coaching™

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