Ops Boss® Coaching

"You're ready to take things to the next level. Ready to grow your business AND yourself. You want to think and act more strategically – and you're so busy executing, there's never time.
NOW is the time.”

The Ops Boss® Coaching Leader Retreat

October 6-8, 2023 • Fairfax, VA
(just outside D.C.)

This is a room like no other. You want a seat in this room. A room filled with high-level operations conversations with the ops leaders in our industry. Not another sales-focused event, with a side-note of ops. ALL ops – BY ops – FOR ops.

Our event gives you the ammunition you need to optimize your leadership skills, stretch your thinking, energize your spirit, and best of all give you the opportunity to engage with other unicorns like yourself – smart, humble, successful Ops Bosses® in real estate.

  • If you’re a real estate COO or Director of Operations, this elite leader-level retreat is definitely for you.
  • If you’re an Executive Assistant striving to become a DOO or COO, or an operations member of a team moving into a leadership role. attending this event will be critical in helping you rise to the next level in your career.
  • If you own a TC Company and think like an Owner while executing with an Ops mind, this event will elevate your thinking and leadership.

2022 AGENDA 

Friday  - 12:30 pm to 6:00 pm

  • Registration
  • Mastermind Round Tables - Part 1
  • Triumph Through Tracking - Abby Lee from SiSu
  • Mastermind Round Tables - Part 2
  • KEYNOTE #1 - "Magic Has a Price" Billy Ekofo
  • Network Like A Boss (Social)
  • Evening is free for attendees to experience the sights of Northern VA & nearby Washington DC
  • Volunteer Dinner Captains will organize intimate dinner masterminds so you can continue networking!

Saturday - 9 am to 5 pm

8:30 am to 9:00 am

Coffee & Registration

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Business Like A Boss (draft agenda below)

  • Morning Stretch and Affirmations
  • "Shift Your Operations" - Stephanie Brackett
  • "Recruiting Magic" - Linzee Ciprani
  • Panel: "Demystifying Unicorn Leadership Roles - The 20% and KPIs" - Scott Bluth, Lydia Carten, Anna Krueger, and Stephanie Brackett Facilitating
  • Panel: "The Chemistry of Partnership - Partnership & Opportunity Creation" - Ellenmarie Foga, Hannah Perky, and Scott Shuman
  • Panel: "The Alchemy of Serving People" - Autumn Bergandahl, Amity Krause, Sam Stokes
  • "Strengthsfinders & Your Superpowers" - Anna Krueger 
  • Breakouts

           - Top Hacks from Top Leaders: Time, Tech, Mindset & More 

           - Low Cost High Return Client Events  - Jerrica Kontos

           - Rein In Your Rainmaker - Brooke Wilson and Jessica Hubbard

           - Goal Setting & Goal Coaching  - Ellenmarie Foga and Hannah Perkey

  • Surprise Guest
  • "The Cracks are How The Light Gets In" - personal interview with Emily Smith

Sunday 10th - 9:00 am to Noon

Super Soul Sunday, where Leaders nurture mind, body, soul & spirit.

Most Ops Bosses® spend their time putting others first. Today, we're going to pour into YOU! Sunday will be a day of personal growth & development meant to energize and provide a great foundation from which to launch your career & life to the next level.

Reflection - Your Why In Action - Scott Bluth

Morning Stretch - Get creative. Stretch your mind & your body

The Magic of Joy - Brooke Wilson

Keynote #2 - The Wizardry of Wealth Building - Ryan Butler

You're the average of the FIVE people you spend the most time with.

Is it time to find YOUR Tribe?

Speakers & topics will be finalized closer to the conference.

Take a peek at some of our Speakers, Presenters, and Facilitators.

Christy Belt Grossman

Owner, Ops Boss® Coaching

Christy is the Founder & CEO of Ops Boss® Coaching, and will be your MC for the weekend. She & her team of 13 coach the best of the best Ops Bosses® & TC Company Owners around North America. Christy's background includes 23 years as the previous COO of one of the nation's first real estate teams to sell $1 Billion. Christy has a passion for raising the bar for operations staff in real estate (or as she prefers to call them, the wizards behind the screen, lion tamers and kitten wranglers - the Ops Bosses®). This is what inspired her to create the sought-after class series called "BE A BOSS" which over 5,000 have attended. She thrived in the Intrepreneur role and loves empowering others to do the same.

Now also an Entrepreneur, Christy founded Ops Boss® Coaching in 2015. The mission of Ops Boss® Coaching is “Dream BIG, Achieve BIG, IMPACT Lives”. 

Christy looks forward to helping you do all three!

Billy ekofo

Vice President of Business Solutions for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. 

Born in the USA, but of Congolese origins, Billy’s life and aspiration continues to be marked by his relentless pursuit for meaning in his professional and personal life. At the age of 17, he fled the Democratic Republic of The Congo (DRC) due to civil unrest and had to begin his life anew in the US. Billy completed his MBA at The College of William & Mary. It was while attending business school that his passion for social impact deepened - the notion that businesses can leverage their resources, profits, and services for the betterment of the community was of true interest, and something Billy aspired to do. 

Billy began his career in Real Estate with a local real estate firm in Northern Virginia and eventually managed the firm’s lead generation department, and later its development and growth in some of its key markets. He now serves as Vice President of Business Solutions for Leading Real Estate Companies of the World ®. 

emily smith

COO of Orlando Independent Brokerage, Wemert Group Realty

Emily is the COO of Wemert Group Realty, and independent brokerage. The Wemert Group Realty team served over 1029 families last year alone, for over $358 million in volume.

Emily does more than wrangle systems, she loves innovation, relationship management, and helping to foster a success-oriented environment. Emily is obsessed with creating a lasting, abundance-based culture. She can be heard saying 'it's fine' and meaning it... or telling her WeMates that they can do hard things and to lead from their seat no matter their title.

Emily will be interviewed in the, "Grace Under Fire," section of the retreat.

Ryan butler

Managing Partner & REALTOR®, Coalition Properties Group

Ryan is a managing partner and REALTOR® at Coalition Properties Group (CPG) based in Washington DC. He's also a seasoned real estate investor. 

It was in 2011, when he bought his first home, that Ryan first fell in love with real estate. This single purchase led to almost a dozen personal transactions, and Ryan began renovating and flipping houses. 

After seeing the impact real estate investment has had on his life, he is passionate about helping his friends, family, and community see the possibilities for their own lives. He has helped many build their ideal lifestyle, find financial freedom, and build wealth through real estate.."


ISA Coach and Trainer

Anna is a certified Gallup Strengsthfinders Coach. She is also one of the nation's the top ISA coaches and trainers. She is passionate about helping professionals achieve their business goals as well as their personal goals. She will be speaking on the panel, "Demystifying Unicorn Leadership Roles - The 20% and KPIs" and teaching us to discover, "Strengthsfinders & Your Superpowers"

Scott shuman

COO, Sue Adler Team

Scott is the COO of the Sue Adler Team,  in 2021 they helped 330 families and sold a volume of $330M. Scott began as an intern at the Sue Adler Team straight out of school in 2010, and today is the COO of the team and a partner in the business. Scott will be speaking on a panel, ""The Ops Path To Opportunity - Partnership & Opportunity Creation."


COO, The Quintin Group

Scott Bluth has been the Chief Operations Officer at The Quintin Group at Keller Williams since 2017. Last year the Quintin Group closed 193 units and $117M in volume. He has a long track record of success in operations going back to 2003. Scott knows the heart of our industry is relationships and is passionate about fostering them and ultimately helping others find their path to success in their lives and businesses.

amina basic

Owner, Cyberbacker Frnachise

CEO & Team Lead for KW McLean

Amina Basic is an executive coach with a passion for helping others. As the CEO and Team Leader for one of the largest Keller Williams McLean offices, Amina recruited 127 agents last year. With incredible energy, Amina is dedicated to touching the lives of others in positive and inspiring ways. Her impeccable track record in recruitment is a testament to her genuine interest in creating success for others. She’s a motivational leader with superb communication skills. Amina is a professional who is an inspiration to work with. She helped to build the #1 team in VA and currently leads, coaches and consults with over 350 agents.


CEO, Ciprani Consulting

Partner, Matt Fetick Team

Linzee has been in real estate since 2011. Her career path has taken her from an admin role for one of the country's top agents to being a solo agent, on to leading her own $40M real estate team, and most recently merging her team with the Matt Fetick Team to create the #1 team in their area with both sides & volume. Linzee is also the Founder & CEO of Ciprani Consulting, the country's top real estate operations recruiting company, and one that hires for all roles in real estate. She's a seasoned recruiting force to be reckoned with, a fierce business person and has a heart of gold. She'll speak on the changing employment market and "How To Recruit Like A Boss"


VP of Operations for DRO Investments

Steph is a Coach and Certified BE A BOSS Trainer. She is also the VP of Operations for DRO Investments and former Chief Operating Officer of The Anderson Hicks Group (one of the top real estate teams nationwide selling 714 homes in 2021).  She is nationally known as the “Systems Queen”. 


Elite 1:1 Coach and Group Coaching Leader

Elizabeth Gilbert is an Elite 1:1 Coach, Leader of our Group Coaching program, and an Executive Consultant. In 2010, she joined Ron Henderson as his Executive Assistant and quickly transitioned into the role of Chief Operations Officer giving her the ideal background to be a resource to her clients. She's known nationwide as the author of the popular blog "The Assistant Files." 


Trainer, Coach, and Consultant

Jerrica Kontos is a coach with Ops Boss® Coaching and is working on a special project that will be launched in 2023. In 2018 joined Premier Properties RI where she grew from Executive Assistant to Director of Operations for the team and led them as an independent brokerage. Over the five years she built every single system, process, and growth initiative for the team and the brokerage. 


DOO, The Mauz Group

Ellenmarie is an Elite 1:1 Coach with Ops Boss® Coaching. She is also the Director of Operations with The Mauz Group in NJ, who served 300 families in 2021. She is known for team building, goal setting & domino tipping, and encouraging personal development.


CEO, Hubbard Realty Group

Jessica is an Elite 1:1 Coach with Ops Boss® Coaching. She is also the Founder and CEO of Hubbard Realty Group. She has built her real estate team from the operations side. Jessica is an "owner with an ops brain." Her gift is in finding the holes, helping clients sift through to clarity and setting up the dominoes that will impact their businesses.


CEO, Evelo Team

Hannah is an Elite 1:1 Coach with Ops Boss® Coaching and is also the active 7th level CEO of Evelo Team in Indianapolis. She has grown the team from $30M to $60M (200+ transactions) in volume in 2021. She has a background in both operations and business building. She's a whiz at numbers. and will be speaking on the panel, "The Ops Path To Opportunity - Partnership & Opportunity Creation." 


Regional Operations Manager. KW Colorado Region 

Kelli is a Group Coach with Ops Boss® Coaching and the ROM for the Colorado Region of Keller Williams. Prior to her current position, Kelli played a key leadership role in growing a real estate team in Florida from just under $50M to closing nearly $100M in volume in 2021. A key component of her success has been the ability to identify who, what, and when to leverage in the business. 

Scott ShumaN

COO, Sue Adler Team

"If you are in the ops world this event is the holy grail. A room packed with ops bosses who are sharing the very best secrets, concepts and ideas."

Autumn Bergendahl

Transaction Coordinator, MREA Assist

"This event was absolutely amazing, I can't thank Christy and her team enough for this experience and to be surrounded with such a great group of men and women. I especially LOVED Sunday, and that it was all about you. We don't stop enough to think about ourselves."

Rebecca VanderKolk

VP of Operations, Ramsey Group

"This weekend stokes the fire of growth for the Ops person. While most of it is business-based, there is content to grow the individual as well. When growth happens personally and on business at the same time, magic happens"

Shannah Baker

DOO, Phelan Group

"I got to see all amazing opportunities for unmeasurable growth and came home very excited for all that is ahead! Thanks for opening my eyes to all that's out there and giving me the drive for a successful career! Everyone there was so willing to share in their successes, plans, ventures and so forth. Very uplifting to know there are so many supportive partners out there."

Lauren Cook

Client Concierge, PCS El Paso

"Literally the most inspiring panels and attendees I could have asked for."

Meet Our Sponsors 

linzee ciprani



amina Basic

owner, cyberbacker franchise


Loan Officer, Prime Lending

Michael kilner

founder, kilner advantage consulting

Ops Boss® Coaching Leader Retreat

October 6-8, 2023
Stacy C. Sherwood Community Center
City of Fairfax
3740 Blenheim Blvd, Fairfax, VA


Feel free to stay anywhere. The most popular hotels as voted by last year's attendees are below.  We have a small number of rooms with a group rate at Marriott Residence Inn that can be accessed by using the link below. Marriott Courtyard is another good option. There are LOTS of options in Fairfax. We do NOT recommend Rodeway Inn, Hyway Hotel, Boulevard Motel, Lee High Inn, Breezeway based on ratings.)

Marriott Residence Inn Fairfax City

3565 Chain Bridge Road

Fairfax, Virginia 22030


Archer Hotel Falls Church (Mosaic)

(formerly the Hyatt Mosaic)

8296 Glass Alley, Fairfax, Virginia 22031


This conference has everything you need to relieve
your stress and help you grow your career.

Ops Boss® Leader Retreat 2023

OCTOBER 6-8, 2023

  • Participate in three transformational days of leader-level conversation
  • Gain confidence and find solutions to challenges you face
  • Build relationships, meet your tribe and support your growth
  • Energize your spirit, get out of your comfort zone and find your inner “Boss”

Disclaimer: Terms & Conditions: There are no refunds under any circumstances. All ticket sales are final and non-refundable for any reason, including, but not limited to, illness, acts of God, travel-related problems, acts of terrorism, loss of employment, and/or duplicate purchases. Names may be changed on registration at any time up to the start of the event by emailing Sheila@OpsBossCoaching.com. Ops Boss Coaching LLC is not responsible for any costs or damage incurred due to date, location, health or any other changes. Your health is our priority. Ops Boss Coaching LLC will adhere to current government and local authority guidance, as well as any venue-specific or location-specific regulations. By registering, you acknowledge and understand the following: attendance at live events includes possible exposure to, and illness from, infectious diseases including but not limited to COVID-19. You will knowingly and freely assume all such risks related to illness and infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, even if arising from the negligence or fault of Ops Boss Coaching LLC; and, you thereby knowingly assume the risk of injury, harm and loss associated with the Event, including any injury, harm, and loss caused by the negligence, fault or conduct of any kind on the part of Ops Boss Coaching LLC.