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"You're ready to take things to the next level. Ready to grow your business AND yourself. You want to think and act more strategically – and you're so busy executing, there's never time.
NOW is the time.”

The Ops Boss® Coaching Leader Retreat

October 8-10, 2021 • Fairfax, VA
(just outside D.C.)

If you’re a real estate COO or Director of Operations, this elite leader-level retreat is definitely for you.

If you’re an Executive Assistant striving to become a DOO or COO, attending this event will be critical in helping you rise to the next level in your career.

If you own a TC Company, and think like an Owner while executing with an Ops mind, this event will elevate your leadership.

This is a room like no other. You want a seat in this room. A room filled with high-level operations conversation with the ops leaders in our industry. Not another sales-focused event, with a side-note of ops. ALL ops – BY ops – FOR ops.

Our event gives you the ammunition you need to optimize your leadership skills, stretch your thinking, energize your spirit, and best of all give you the opportunity to engage with other unicorns like yourself – smart, humble, successful Ops Bosses® in real estate.

"It was a lot better than expected and I knew the level of talent in the room would be fantastic."

Kayla Flaherty, Listing Partner

Brockway Real Estate


You're the average of the FIVE people you spend the most time with.

Is it time to find YOUR Tribe?
Some of our Speakers, Presenters, Facilitators

Clarity Chef Jon Krinn

Chef Owner,  Clarity

COVID was the perfect storm he'd been preparing for all his life. It wasn't the first time innovation & creativity served him well. And it won't be the last. Imagine being a restaurant owner in March of 2020. Not just a restaurant owner, but a FINE DINING restaurant owner. And the world shuts down. Chef Krinn will share his story of failing his way to success in a spotlight interview with our CEO and empower YOU to harness the winds of chaos to your advantage like a BOSS.

Chef Owner Jon Krinn - trained by the best Chefs in France, Monte Carlo, Washington DC and New York - has been the favorite son Chef of Northern Virginia since he opened 2941 Restaurant (2001-2008). Following a devastating loss of his fine dining restaurant Inox in Tysons Corner, VA in the Great Recession (2008 - 2010), Jon made a point to expand and elevate his business acumen (to match his cooking skill) by joining major government and commercial consulting firm Booz Allen Hamilton as a Cyber Marketing and Business Strategist (2010 - 2018) in order to insure his ability to guide all facets of his next restaurant endeavor holistically and successfully. 

Jon opened Clarity, aptly named, in 2015, as Chef Owner while continuing to work full time, virtually, for Booz Allen through 2018. Jon’s award winning restaurant Clarity has thrived its entire lifespan as the busiest “pound for pound” restaurant in the DC Maryland Virginia corridor.

As life would have it, the pandemic enabled Jon to employ his air tight, diversified skill set of cooking, business leadership, grassroots marketing, and relationship building to navigate Clarity through the entire pandemic with his “best in class” innovations, securing his full staff of eighty employees through the crisis, fully paid. Jon also created multiple culinary events at Clarity that put money directly into the hands of 12 DC Chefs who were shut down through the holidays, capital riots and inauguration. During the pandemic, Jon became known as “The Pivoter in Chief”.

Meet Christy Belt Grossman, Owner OpsBoss Coaching

Christy Belt Grossman

Owner, Ops Boss® Coaching

Christy is the Founder & CEO of Ops Boss® Coaching, and will be your MC for the weekend. She & her team coach Ops Bosses® & TC Company Owners around North America. Christy's background includes 23 years as the previous COO of one of the nation's first real estate teams to sell $1 Billion. She is a past member of the Board of Directors for NARESP (National Association of Real Estate Support Professionals.) Christy has a passion for raising the bar for operations staff in real estate (or as she prefers to call them, the wizards behind the screen, lion tamers and kitten wranglers - the Ops Bosses®). This is what inspired her to create the sought-after class series called "BE A BOSS" which over 4,500 have attended. The Mission of Ops Boss® Coaching is “Dream BIG, Achieve BIG, IMPACT Lives”.

Christy looks forward to helping you do all three!


EO, Simpson Strategic Solutions

SSS is a business strategy firm that offers a neuroscience-based approach to create radical breakthroughs in revenue, profit, productivity and fulfillment. Nora has worked with more than 500 companies in 80+ industries and over 20,000 individuals. She has also used her neuroscience-based tools to help thousands of people heal past traumas that were blocking their financial success and personal fulfillment. Using this blended approach, numerous clients have seen year-over-year revenue increases of over 100%. Nora is the author of the book Get Ahead and Stay Ahead: Use the Secrets of Your Own Brain to Unleash Your Success at Work. In addition to her consulting work, Nora has keynoted & presented for a diverse group of organizations including Merrill Lynch, the CEO Trust, the CEO Club of America, the Executive Forum, Columbia Business School, Indiana University, and more. Nora will present "The NeuroScience of Leadership".


Director of Growth,
Ben Kinney Companies (BKCO)

As Director of Growth for BKCO, Vija leads 8 Keller Williams Realty Franchises in 11 offices that include 1300+ agents across Washington State. Vija also owns and runs The Vija Group, a team of residential real estate specialists focused on the move-up & luxury segments in Seattle. Vija is a co-founder of “Amplify,” a national women’s group that hosts annual events and is comprised of some of the top female business leaders and influencers in the nation. Vija joins us as our Sunday Keynote to share her journey of the past year's personal growth to empower YOUR Growth Like a Boss! She will also sit on the "Purposeful Parents & Bossy Kids" panel with her high school senior son Aidan.


COO of Orlando Independent Brokerage, Wemert Group Realty

Emily does more than wrangle systems, she loves innovation, relationship management, and helping to foster a success-oriented environment. Emily is obsessed with creating a lasting abundance-based culture. She can be heard saying 'it's fine' and meaning it... or telling her WeMates that they can do hard things and to lead from their seat no matter their title. The Wemert Group Realty team served over 930 families last year alone, for over $283million in volume. Over 25 team members have been with the team for 5 years or more and the team boasts a 40% repeat/referral rate. Emily has been married to college sweetheart Andrew for over 17 years, they have two girls(10,15), and two fur babies.


COO, Anderson Hicks Group

Steph is a Coach and Certified BE A BOSS Trainer. She is also the Chief Operating Officer of The Anderson Hicks Group (AHG) in Idaho Falls, ID (#28 Real Trend teams across all brokerages). AHG is a close knit team of 45 people and they have an expansion team across the state. They closed $5.4M in 2020 and served almost 700 families. On average, their agents close over 45 units each per year. Not only does Stephanie have a deep background in real estate operations, she has also been a business owner, retail store operations manager, and corporate trainer; all of which give her unique insights to share. She is nationally known as the “Systems Queen”. Steph is going to speak on the topic "Harness The Chaos - Fix Things Like A Boss".


DOO, The Mauz Group

Ellenmarie is an Elite 1:1 Coach with Ops Boss® Coaching. She is also the Director of Operations with The Mauz Group in Washington Township (NJ), and part of the Leadership Team who has led the group to the top 1% of Keller Williams Realty. While her team closed $61 million and served 294 families in 2020, Ellenmarie believes her true success is measured by the success others have as a result of her coaching. She is known for team building and encouraging personal development. Ellenmarie will facilitate the " Goal Setting & Domino Tipping Ops Boss® Style" breakout.


COO, Ron Henderson & Associates

Elizabeth is the COO of Ron Henderson & Associates in Kansas City, MO. Elizabeth got her start in real estate in 2004, and just recently celebrated the milestone of 11 years with her team. She's also a Coach with Ops Boss® and leads our Group Coaching Program. In her continued quest to grow and support her team, Elizabeth implemented a Team Portal using Google Sites. Her agents LOVE it and she'll be walking you through how to implement your own team portal in the "Gaga Over Google Sites" mastermind breakout on Saturday, as well as facilitating the "Meaningful Conversations" discussion.


CEO, Hubbard Realty Group

Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Hubbard Realty Group located in Joplin, MO. She is also an Ops Boss® Elite 1:1 Coach. Jessica officially started her real estate career in 2011. However, being a third-generation real estate agent and the daughter of a builder, she has pretty much lived real estate her whole life. Jessica has a voracious appetite for knowledge. It's not uncommon to see her pick up her phone to Google a tidbit of information she just heard. She loves taking the knowledge she has learned and using it in her other passion: creatively building. Whether that be her real estate team, a painting, or a welding project, Jessica thrives in a space where she can think beyond tradition and architect a new vision. Jessica will facilitate a mastermind breakout "Hands On With a JotForms Genius" and will be a panelist, along with her 1st grade daughter for "Purposeful Parents & Bossy Kids".


CEO, Evelo Team

Hannah is an Elite 1:1 Coach with Ops Boss® Coaching and is also the active CEO of Evelo Team in Indianapolis. They are a GKMM team with deep family culture behind their success. She has a background in both operations and business building (and is a self proclaimed “freak” for processes and organization.) Hannah hails from corporate America where she helped an entrepreneur grow his business from just over $1M GCI to over $8M GCI in 7 years. She works in the same capacity now, but in real estate, and helped her team grow from just over $30M to over $60M (200+ transactions) in volume in 2020. In her role at CEO, she oversees the operations and sales team. Her main focus is ensuring profitability and growth of the business. Hannah will facilitate a conversation on "Leading From All Sides - Create Your Own Career Path"


MP, Saydam Properties

Sheena is the Managing Partner of Saydam Properties Group, a nationally ranked real estate team who covers DC, MD & VA. Her team is a member of Gary Keller's Top Agent Mastermind. By the end of April 2021, her team had $80 Million under contract or sold, and had donated $61,000 to local charities. She is also a devoted wife, mother to 3 young children and recently ate a live Cicada on FB Live. Sheena and her 2nd grade daughter Aysil will join us on the "Purposeful Parents & Bossy Kids" panel.


DOO, Sellin With CC Team

Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Hubbard Realty Group located in Joplin, MO. She is also an Ops Boss® Elite 1:1 Coach. Jessica officially started her real estate career in 2011. However, being a third-generation real estate agent and the daughter of a builder, she has pretty much lived real estate her whole life. Jessica has a voracious appetite for knowledge. It's not uncommon to see her pick up her phone to Google a tidbit of information she just heard. She loves taking the knowledge she has learned and using it in her other passion: creatively building. Whether that be her real estate team, a painting, or a welding project, Jessica thrives in a space where she can think beyond tradition and architect a new vision. Jessica will facilitate a mastermind breakout "Hands On With a JotForms Genius" and will be a panelist, along with her 1st grade daughter for "Purposeful Parents & Bossy Kids".


Director of Marketing & Sales, Sisu

Zac was one of the very first hires at Sisu, Growth Automation Software for Real Estate. He has been able to work with thousands of real estate teams and brokerages to get the most out of their data, speed up their workflows and eliminate spreadsheets, disconnected systems, and inefficient processes. Outside of waging war on spreadsheets and time-killing systems, Zac loves to push the boundaries of what's "safe" on a wakeboard, spend time on the golf course or tennis courts, and more than anything, live life with his beautiful wife and 4-pound dog, Twix. Zac will speak on "Driving Growth With Data".


Founder & CEO, Ciprani Consulting

Linzee has been in real estate since 2011. Her career path has taken her from an admin role for one of the country's top agents to being a solo agent, on to leading her own $40M real estate team, and most recently merging her team with the Matt Fetick Team to create the #1 team in their area with both sides & volume. Linzee is also the Founder & CEO of Ciprani Consulting, the country's top real estate operations recruiting company, and one that hires for all roles in real estate. She's a seasoned recruiting force to be reckoned with, a fierce business person and has a heart of gold. She'll speak on the changing employment market and "How To Find The Unicorns & Be Their Employer of Choice."


COO, The Reynolds Team Network

Jen obtained a BS degree in Marketing from Longwood University and entered the real estate industry in 2012. She started as a Realtor Partner in 2016, and transitioned to Operations Manager for The Reynolds Team in 2016. Now she's the Chief Operations Officer, where her responsibilities grew to include training and onboarding new agents, team financials, and overall operations of all Expansion offices around the nation. The Reynolds Team Network served over 1,000 families in 2020 ($493M in sales, $15M in GCI) and are tracking to double that in 2021! Jen, her husband, Jason, and their two boys, reside in Loudoun County, VA and in her free time, she enjoys spending quality time with them.


Director of Operations, Big Red Team

Buffy Kirkman calls herself a Chaos Coordinator. She attempts daily to wrangle the team into systems and procedures, while creating marketing content to appease the masses. She is a North Carolina transplant, leaving 15 years of elementary school classrooms to collect paperwork from agents instead. She started with her team when there were 2.5 agents. The team has grown to 13. Last year they served 160 families and sold $33.4 Million. Buffy & her husband Roger are in the process of adopting their second child from China, which currently does not have any Keller Williams agents, but does have plenty of masks. Buffy will lead us in a reflective, creativity exercise on Sunday!

Our "Purposeful Parenting and Bossy Kids" Panel





Friday, October 8th to Sunday, October 10th

Friday, October 8th - 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

  • Network Like A Boss (Social)*
  • Live Music
  • Includes snack & one drink ticket
  • Evening is free for attendees to experience the sights of Northern VA & nearby Washington DC
  • Check the BE A BOSS Facebook Group for posts from our volunteer Dinner Captains who are organizing intimate dinner masterminds so you can dive right in!

Saturday, October 9th - 9 am to 6 pm

8:30 am to 9:00 am

Coffee & Registration

9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Business Like A Boss

This is a favorite for many attendees. Masterminds are facilitated by Ops Boss® Coaches and attendees who lead TOP teams. Topics are in the works & may include:

  • Meaningful Conversations
  • Goal Setting & Domino Tipping
  • Hands On With a JotForms Genius
  • Gaga Over Google Portals
  • Leading From All Sides - Create Your Own Career Path
  • Think Like An Owner

Purposeful Parents & Bossy Kids - Time to Let Go of "Mom Guilt"

Up close, personal interviews with highly successful business owners & Ops Bosses® AND their unscripted children


Nora Simpson - "The Neuroscience of Leadership"
Stephanie Brackett - " Harness The Chaos With Fix this Next"
Linzee Ciprani - " Attract The Unicorns And Be Their Employer of Choice"
Zac Muir - "Turn Your Business Into A Winnable Game"

Sunday, October 10th - 9:00 am to Noon

Super Soul Sunday, where Leaders nurture mind, body, soul & spirit. Most Ops Bosses® spend their time putting others first. Today, we're going to pour into YOU! Sunday will be a day of personal growth & development meant to energize and provide a great foundation from which to launch your career & life to the next level.

Keynote: Vija Williams - "Growth From The Inside Out"

Creative Reflection: Buffy Kirkman - "A Transformed Life" - Reflecting on the temporary obstacles, challenges and difficulties that we have overcome to make us who we are today and who we want to become tomorrow.

11:30 am - 12:00 pm

"Let’s Get Bossy" Sendoff

Scott ShumaN

COO, Sue Adler Team

"If you are in the ops world this event is the holy grail. A room packed with ops bosses who are sharing the very best secrets, concepts and ideas."

Autumn Bergendahl

Transaction Coordinator, MREA Assist

"This event was absolutely amazing, I can't thank Christy and her team enough for this experience and to be surrounded with such a great group of men and women. I especially LOVED Sunday, and that it was all about you. We don't stop enough to think about ourselves."

Rebecca VanderKolk

VP of Operations, Ramsey Group

"This weekend stokes the fire of growth for the Ops person. While most of it is business-based, there is content to grow the individual as well. When growth happens personally and on business at the same time, magic happens"

Shannah Baker

DOO, Phelan Group

"I got to see all amazing opportunities for unmeasurable growth and came home very excited for all that is ahead! Thanks for opening my eyes to all that's out there and giving me the drive for a successful career! Everyone there was so willing to share in their successes, plans, ventures and so forth. Very uplifting to know there are so many supportive partners out there."

Lauren Cook

Client Concierge, PCS El Paso

"Literally the most inspiring panels and attendees I could have asked for."

Meet Our Sponsors - BONUS Content


CEO, Ciprani Consulting

CEO, Linzee Ciprani Team


Director of Marketing & Sales


COO, The Reynolds Team Network


Loan Officer, Prime Lending


Director of Sales & Marketing
Stewart Title

Ops Boss® Coaching Leader Retreat

October 8-10, 2021
Stacy C. Sherwood Community Center
City of Fairfax
3740 Old Lee Highway, Fairfax, VA


Feel free to stay anywhere. The most popular hotels as voted by last year's attendees are below. They have offered a SMALL number of rooms at a reduced rate. Use the links below. Marriott Courtyard is another good option. There are LOTS of options in Fairfax.
We do NOT recommend Rodeway Inn, Hyway Hotel, Boulevard Motel, Lee High Inn, Breezeway based on ratings.)

Marriott Residence Inn Fairfax City

3565 Chain Bridge Road

Fairfax, Virginia 22030


Hyatt House Mosaic District

8296 Glass Alley
Fairfax, Virginia 22031


This conference has everything you need to relieve
your stress and help you grow your career.

Ops Boss® Leader Retreat

OCTOBER 8th - 10th

  • Participate in three transformational days of leader-level conversation
  • Gain confidence and find solutions to challenges you face
  • Build relationships, meet your tribe and support your growth
  • Energize your spirit, get out of your comfort zone and find your inner “Boss”

$1,299 - SOLD OUT

We are planning the Ops Boss® Leader Retreat in Fairfax, VA for October 8-10, 2021. We are in unprecedented times with Covid and circumstances may require a date change. Your safety is paramount and we will follow government & venue guidelines. Current guidelines may require the event to be pushed back. We are hoping guidelines loosen before October as they did last year. We are proud to have been one of the only industry-wide events that took place LIVE in 2020. If not, we will pivot to virtual OR reschedule the event in-person. (Our hope is to be in person. And this is not guaranteed.) If we pivot to virtual OR dates change, your ticket will automatically transfer and we will confirm by email. If dates don't work, you will have 48 hours to request a refund. After 48 hours, your ticket will be transferred, your seat will be saved and no further refunds will be issued. Names may be changed on registrations at any time. Registrations are otherwise non-refundable. Ops Boss Coaching LLC is not responsible for any costs incurred due to date or location change.