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for Real Estate
Operations Professionals

Can you relate to these  challenges?

Team Leaders

  • You're busy and need things to run more smoothly
  • You've hired admins before– and they failed 
  • You need support from accountable people
  • You're feeling overwhelmed and just want to do business

Admins Operations Professionals

  • You know things could be run more effectively 
  • You're eager to grow into more responsibility
  • You need more guidance and support than you're getting
  • You're ready to learn how to think like a boss


Ops Boss® exists to create better outcomes for real estate teams. We uniquely understand and support your business by coaching the whole person. You can rely on us to provide the education, coaching, and community that every Operations Professional needs to perform at their best. Find out if Ops Boss® can serve you by booking a free 15-minute Inquiry Call here.


We Create Unicorns

Administrative Assistant, EA, Transaction Coordinator, DOO, COO, and CEO are the most common titles held by our members.

And yet, Real Estate Unicorns are what they become. Are you ready to explore what's possible for you?