Ops Boss® Academy:

Foundational Boot Camp for Aspiring Ops Bosses®

Ops Boss® Academy: Foundational Boot Camp for Aspiring Ops Bosses®

Get ready to enter BOSS MODE 

10-Week Academy designed to transform admin into "Ops Bosses®".

We provide the training Business Owners don't have the time or expertise to give. Admin are empowered to become Problem Solvers, so Owners can move from Problem Solvers to Solution Approvers. Participants emerge equipped with the tools, knowledge, and mindset needed to reshape their trajectory and become pivotal figures in the business. This class goes beyond "how to do" and teaches "how to think"—it’s an invitation to excel and carve out a new realm of possibilities, to become an Ops Boss who is high impact, creates results, and leads others. Hands-on for newer admin AND those ready to level up.


When Entrepreneurs make admin hires, it’s typically because the business is growing and you’re incredibly busy. You need someone to do what you’re not good at - the “admin” side of the business. Which means YOU are NOT the best person to give your hire the basic tools they need. Plus, who has time for that?!

Your Admin needs help with organization, a system to capture your flying squirrels and more. Our 10 week Academy provides the foundational tools & skills they need, along with teaching high minded thinking. They become Problem Solvers, so YOU can move from Problem Solver to Solution Approver!

Get Ready to Kickstart Your Journey

Who Should Attend?
  • Admin and Operations Staff from ANY industry Especially Entrepreneurial Businesses
  • Newer Admin Who Want To Establish A Foundation from Which to Launch
  • Experienced Admin Who Need A RE-BOOT Including The WHY Behind What We Do
  • Seasoned Ops Bosses® who onboard & train other admin in their business and need a refresh on foundations to teach for success
  • Real Estate Admin & Operations Team Members - at the Brokerage AND Team Level (EAs, Admin, TCs, Directors of Operations, COOs, MCAs, Client Care, Listing Managers, Office Managers, Marketing Assistants, etc.)

You'll Walk Out With:
  • Clarity on What Matters and What Is Just Noise
  • System for Clear Communication To Build Trust Between Business Owner and Admin
  • Network and Community for Support
  • Understanding How to Think & Take Action Like an OPS BOSS®
  • Time Management Tips and Processes
  • Task Management Tips and Software Suggestions
  • Energy Management Plan
  • Communication Clarity with DISC for Leader, Co-workers, and Clients
  • Document Storage Systems Examples
  • Email Management Systems
  • A workbook FULL of templates from class (ex: goal setting, parking lot system, meeting agendas, and so much more!)
  • Week 1: Welcome, Clarity of Job Description/Role & Knowing Your 80/20
  • Week 2: Communication Partnership, DISC, and Teamwork/Staying on Same Page
  • Week 3: Time Management
  • Week 4: Task Management
  • Week 5: Technology Tamers, Emails, and Document Management
  • Week 6: Capturing Information & Managing the Squirrels
  • Week 7: Capturing Info & Squirrels (Cont'd)
  • Week 8: Tracking Your Big Rocks & Setting Smart Goals
  • Week 9: Networking and Growth Plans
  • Week 10: Energy Management Systems & Bonus Material

Tickets & Payment Info

Please read thoroughly!



Pay one payment of $1,250 up front to SAVE.


Pay in three budget friendly installments of $499 each.

  • Classes start July 18 and run Thursdays from 3-4:15pm EST. 
  • Come ready to participate. You WILL have action items between sessions that will help make your business run more smoothly.
  • Each ticket/registration allows access to the class for one person.  Two or more people may not share one registration.
  • Registrations are 100% non-refundable.
  • Registrations are not transferable to other events. (If you need a name change on a ticket, contact the event organizer)
  • Registrants who do not attend, “No-shows”, will not receive a refund.
  • This is a LIVE EVENT, but replays will be uploaded for attendees who would like to review materials or in the event a session is missed.
  • Select your preferred payment option at checkout. When checkout is complete, you will receive an email with the link for payment. You are not enrolled until checkout AND payment are complete.

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Meet The Instructors

Ops Boss® Classes are taught by senior-level instructors with years of boots-on-the-ground experience.

Brooke Wilson

Systems boss®, group coach, and trainer at ops boss® coaching

She’s the wizard behind the screen who creates the systems that empower our clients and coaches at Ops Boss® Coaching to reach their biggest goals. She has a long history of being the Integrator behind the Visionary. Including experience where she started as an EA to a team producing $5M and played a key role in growing the business to a Top Producing team ($60M) and grew into the role of Director of Operations.

Aly Flaningan-Napier

DOO, The kimberly davis group, ops boss® academy coach and consultant

Aly is the active Director of Operations at The Kimberly Davis Group, a powerhouse team in the North Texas/Dallas Fort Worth real estate area. Aly has been with the team since 2019 and under her operational leadership, she helped grow the team from $31M to $57M in volume through systems and operations. With her diverse administrative experience supporting small businesses in B2C industries Aly brings unique insights to empower others in achieving operational efficiency and success.