BE A BOSS (The Prequel) - "Tactically A Boss"

Tactically a boss

the PRACTICAL & TACTICAL things you need to rocket launch your performance!

Master the essential skills vital to owning your operations role. Discover how to evolve from merely executing tasks to strategically mastering your role and winning each day like a true OPS BOSS®. Shift from reactive to proactive, and transform your operational role into one of empowerment and leadership. Ideal for those new to their role AND those who are ready re-set their foundation and be more intentional.

BUSINESS OWNERS - When you hire an admin or assistant, we know you have good intentions of training them. AND we know you are busy running your business. Send your assistants to this class!

ADMIN - We know you want to perform at a high level. AND that your Leader only has so much time to teach you. We also know they aren't great at admin, they're great at sales.

Get Ready to Kickstart Your Journey

Who Should Attend?
  • ALL Real Estate Operations Staff
  • (EAs, Admin, TCs, Directors of Operations, COOs, MCAs, Client Care, Listing Managers, Office Managers, Brokerage Ops, Marketing Assistants, etc.)
  • ALL Administrative Staff Who Work In Entrepreneurial Businesses (Examples: Medical Offices, Lenders, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Sales Companies, Small Businesses)
  • Staff From All Companies & Brokerages are welcome 

You'll Walk Out With:
  • Clarity on Actual Job Description
  • Understanding of the 80-20 Rule
  • A Basic Time Blocked Schedule
  • Exposure To The GTD Method For Task Management
  • Ideas for Start Up & Shut Down Daily Routine
  • Ideas For Closing The Loop With Your Rainmaker Rhythm
  • Tools for Staying Accountable

Topics Include:
  • Partnership
  • Defining Your Role
  • Basic Systems You Need
  • Time Management and Time Blocking
  • Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Project and Task Management  
  • Organization
  • Energy Management System
  • Bonus - Tools Bosses Use

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Meet The Instructor

Ops Boss® Classes are taught by senior-level instructors with years of boots-on-the-ground experience.

Brooke Wilson

Systems boss®, group coach, and trainer at ops boss® coaching

Brooke works side by side with the CEO of Ops Boss® Coaching. She’s the wizard behind the screen who creates the systems & relationships that empower our clients and coaches to reach their biggest goals. Brooke has a long history of being the Integrator behind the Visionary. Including experience where she started as an EA to a team producing $5M and played a key role in building the business to a Top Producing team ($60M) and grew into the role of Director of Operations.