Be a Boss 2.0: Systems are Sexy™

Continuing Your Transformation To Ops Boss®

Class for admin in ANY entrepreneurial business, AND for Business Owners/Agents who ARE their own Admin.

Be a Boss 2.0 - "Systems Are Sexy™

Learn how to identify, build, and implement the systems every top performing team needs. We'll teach you the 5 Steps you can implement to build ANY system. This class is rocket fuel for growing people and profits.

Take command of your career with Ops Boss Coaching

Who Should Attend?

You are...

  • Agents/Business Owners Who Are Their Own Assistant
  • ALL Operations  & Administrative Staff in any entrepreneurial business
  • All Market Center & Brokerage Staff
  • Expansion Team Owners Who Want A Better Hub & More Scalable Business

Attendees Walk Out with Tangible Results:

  • Roadmap For The Systems You Need
  • Experience Building A System So You Can Build Your Own
  • Database Basics, Tips & Tricks
  • Referral System with Proven Results of almost $1.9M in GCI in 2 years
  • Ideas for an Onboarding System That Will Blow Your New Hires' Socks Off


  • What Is A System
  • 5 Steps To Create A System
  • What Systems Do I Need?
  • Plug & Play Systems
  • Class Case Study + Group Case Study
  • Group Presentations
  • How To Implement & Get Buy-In
  • Evaluation & Efficacy
  • Mindset Matters

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Meet the Instructors

Ops Boss® classes are taught by senior-level instructors with years of boots-on-the-ground experience.

Elite 1:1 Coach, Consultant, Certified Trainer at Ops Boss® Coaching, and doo for michael Ferraro

Known for igniting action and enthusiasm, Jerrica excels in guiding clients through roadmaps to break their ceilings, whether they are operations leaders, leadership teams, or integrator/visionary partnerships. Her expertise lies in priority discernment, system implementation, and people management, with a special knack for navigating the complexities of multiple team owners and businesses

Stephanie Brackett Ops Boss Coaching 2021 2

Master Level Elite 1:1 Coach, Certified BE A BOSS Trainer, and VP of operations for DRO Investments

Stephanie leads operations across multiple businesses for one of the nation's top entrepreneurs. In addition, Stephanie has a deep background in real estate operations, AND has also been a business owner and corporate trainer; all of which give her unique insights to share when coaching and training. She's affectionately known around the country as "The Systems Queen" and is especially passionate about elevating admin roles in business.