rock referrals like a boss (an ops boss®!)

rock referrals like a boss

Learn How an Ops Boss® Can Generate More Income for The Business through Referrals.

This class teaches how Ops Bosses® can level up their business and personal success through referrals. It's taught by an Operations Leader who has walked the talk and succeeded in generating income for her team (and self!)  through real estate referrals at a HIGH level. Examples shared are real estate related and can be applied to any entrepreneurial/sales type business. This class will expand your horizons, empower you & create new possibles.

Your Path to Referral Mastery 

Who Should Attend?
  • ALL Operations Staff (EAs, Admin, TCs, Directors of Operations, COOs, MCAs, Client Care, Listing Managers, Office Managers, Marketing Assistants, etc.)
  • Rainmakers/Team Owners Who Want to Help Their Ops Bosses® Level Up Personally and Professionally With Referrals
  • Lenders, Title Reps & Team Members
  • Realtors® Who Want to Take Their Referrals to the Next Level
  • Agents & Staff From All Companies Welcome
  • Small Business Owners & Teams from All Industries Welcome
You'll Walk Out With:
  • Confidence to ask for referrals from YOUR sphere
  • Clarity on YOUR why behind a sphere referral system
  • YOUR Individual Goal for referrals
  • Systems Ideas for Generating Referrals
  • Sample Scripts
  • Tools for Staying Accountable

Topics Include:
  • The Opportunity for Leadership & Growth
  • The Head-Heart Connection
  • Activities & Scripts
  • Your Social Media Plan
  • Your Database Plan
  • Your Conversation Plan
  • How To Multiply Your Referrals
  • Accountability & Tracking


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aly flaningan-napier, doo the kimberly davis group

The class was great! There were lots of great nuggets and examples, even for those who have been in the industry for a bit and have referral systems in place (such as myself/team). Loved that this course was heavy on referrals from an ops perspective.

Meet The Instructor

Ops Boss® Classes are taught by senior-level instructors with years of boots-on-the-ground experience.

Jerrica Kontos

Elite 1:1 Coach, Consultant, Certified Trainer, and doo for michael ferraro

Jerrica Kontos is currently the Director of Operations of Michael Ferraro Companies where she leads a growing sales team and business operations for a serial entrepreneur. As a new EA, Jerrica built a system that generated $50k+ in GCI within the first year! She also leveraged the experience of our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, who generated more than $100K in GCI annually in personal referrals in her prior career as a COO, and is sharing the secrets of how Ops Bosses® can overcome limiting beliefs and generate personal referrals like rockstars. An Ops Boss® thinks bigger, generates income through systems, and is an investment rather than an expense!