June 20, 2018

Conversation Starters: Be Brilliant at Meet ‘N Greets

Are you comfortable walking up to someone you don’t know and starting a conversation?

With our upcoming, first-of-its-kind OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT on the horizon, we’re working hard to make sure everyone who attends has an amazing time. You likely already know our speakers are incredible…the keynote speaker, April Carroll, is a former ATF Special Agent and she’s a badass leader in heels!

However, along with all our compelling speakers and stimulating, thought-provoking panelists – as well as everything fun the area offers – we want you to get the most out of our Meet ‘N Greet. Every person in attendance is a leader and someone you will want to know. I have a special gift for drawing talented people together and watching them take it up a notch, and because we want all our attendees to get to know each other, I thought I’d offer a few tips on how to mix and mingle comfortably.

This is going to be a room like no other, filled with high-level operations conversation with the ops leaders in our industry, and while everyone will be reaching out, we don’t want anyone to feel shy about participating.

I’m passionate about helping you perform at the highest level, and maybe you’re great at approaching new people – but in case you’re an introvert like me, here are a few tried-and-true icebreakers:

  • “What’s your best aha so far?”
  • “What was the best book you read last year and what are you reading now?”
  • “What’s the ONE Thing you’re here to learn?”
  • Mention the city. “Hi. I’m local. Are you from here? No? Do you have any questions about the area I can help you with?” or “Hi. I’m from Los Angeles. Are you local?”
  • “What was your biggest accomplishment last year, and what’s your biggest challenge this year?”
  • If you see a group you’d like to join, go up to them and say, “I noticed you all look so engaged and I love quality conversations. Mind if I join you?”

So now you’ve got the Meet ‘N Greet covered.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you at the OPS BOSS™ LEADER RETREAT. You’ll spend your days being educated and inspired. You’ll gain insight into what it takes to lead at a high level. You’ll meet your high-thinking counterparts and those you aspire to emulate. And your evenings will be free for you to take advantage of everything Reston, VA & Washington, D.C. have to offer – gorgeous fall weather, amazing restaurants, and historical inspiration from our Founding Fathers.

If you haven’t had a chance to register yet, click here. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to call –703-636-7325.

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