October 15, 2023

Why We Invited A 14 Year Old Elite Gymnast On Stage At Ops Boss® Leader Retreat

💥 One of our traditions at Ops Boss Coaching is supporting young leaders. Each year we invite someone on stage to provide them with a leadership and growth opportunity. AND so we can learn from them. We also like to invite non-real estate guests. I believe we have something to learn from everyone. And that it’s so healthy to step outside our real estate prism.

🥇This year we had the most amazing Emme Stewart. I’ll post her bio below so you can learn about her. We had a casual chat on stage (and OMG at 14 I would never have been so brave, much less so wise as Emme). And here’s what I loved about what she shared. All SO applicable to what we do in business.

💜 “I like the mindset challenge”.

That was her answer to why she loves competing at the national elite level of gymnastics. It wasn’t about winning. Or accolades. It was about the challenge. Not just the physical challenge but the mental challenge. My takeaway: it’s about who you become on the journey, not the destination.

💜 “Currently I practice 4.5 hours a day, 6 days a week. And I’ve been doing gymnastics 50% of my life.”

Holy wow what an example of mastery. She does the same things over and over. Her schedule is time blocked. And before she walks into the gym, she knows what’s she’s doing. In order. The same things each day. And she LOVES this time. It’s not a chore.

💜 “I have 5 coaches”

They each help her with different gymnastic skills, but when I asked her what was most important about her coaches, she said they “help me conquer my fears”. Her Dad is my coach. He does the same for me. Anyone who wants to be their best needs at least one coach. I have multiple. And not as many as Emme. You go girl!

💜 “I want my friends to win and I also want to beat them.”

Emme shared about the effect her friends have on her performance. They all work out together. They compete as a team. And also as individuals. She said they encourage each other. And also push each other to be better. (Hmmm: Note to self. You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.)

💜 “I learned to stop worrying about how many eyes are on me and to focus inward instead.”

Emme crushed Regionals. Qualified for nationals. Top 100 in the entire country. And failed forward at the National event. She said she was too focused on everyone else and on the college recruiters in attendance. It probably was not a fun event for her. Because if she’d performed like she did at a regionals, she’d have won nationals.

AND she turned it into a win by learning from it. Next time she will focus inward, work on her breathing and work on visualization.

I love those strategies. And the message. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing. Go inward and do what you know you can do.

There was more. And I wanted to take notes and couldn’t since I was on stage, so please share your takeaways if you were there.

Thank you Emme. You’re A BOSS! 💜 🤸

Here’s Emme’s bio. When she’s in the Olympics, you can say you knew her when.

Meet Emily “Emme” Stewart, a remarkable young individual with a passion for making a difference in the world. At just 14, she has already proven herself to be a driven and inspiring force for positive change.

Born and raised in Florida, Emme developed an early fascination with gymnastics. Her journey began when she watched an American Girl video about a little girl who overcame her fears and injuries to win a competition. Soon after, she enrolled in classes and began overcoming fears of her own. Since then, she has gone on to become a Level 10 gymnast and compete nationally.

Emme is not only an avid gymnast but also an advocate for Florida Agriculture. She is Florida’s current Miss Agriculture and has been actively involved in showing her cow, chickens, bunnies, and duck at the Florida State Fair.

Apart from her athletic and agricultural pursuits, Emme is an “A student” who is currently starting her freshman year via Florida’s Virtual School. She enjoys baking, which provides her family and friends with tasty snacks and helps her stay creative and focused.

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