March 27, 2020

“Complexity Kills” – No More Paper!

If you have been waiting to update your systems until “the right time”, NOW is the right time!

As an Ops Boss™, you may feel like Air Traffic Control. Planes are landing, planes are taking off, there’s a fox on the runway, the Haz Mat team is knocking on your door. And you’re the one directing it all. (What that looks like is people sending listings and contracts and all sorts of info in a variety of ways – email, Docusign, Slack, text, Facebook Messenger. The list goes on. It’s overwhelming.)

Perhaps your team wasn’t quite ready for “virtual handoffs”. Or maybe you are already doing “virtual handoffs” and you’re wondering what else can be communicated in a more streamlined and efficient manner. As Gary Keller says in the book SHIFT, “Complexity kills”.

So what is a simple way to organize all of this incoming information?

One of the programs we LOVE is Jotforms . Jotforms is an online form builder. (There are both free and paid versions). Your team size and production will determine the one you need. The FREE version allows for up to 5 forms and 1 email recipient – so it’s great for a small team with a few agents and 1 Ops Boss™. Coach Stephanie Brackett‘s team (who closed almost 600 units last year) used the $15/mo version for 4 years before upgrading. Now your team can have ONE place to handoff the most important things AND a way to ensure you capture ALL the info needed.

Here’s a list of things you can use Jotform for in your real estate business:

  • New Listing Submission
  • New Buyer Agreement Submission
  • Seller Contract Submission
  • Buyer Contract Submission
  • CMA Request
  • Open House Request
  • Time Off Request
  • Prepare Listing Package
  • Prepare Buyer Package
  • Incoming Referral
  • Outgoing Referral
  • Listing Price Change
  • Add Contact To Database
  • Daily Accountability
  • Marketing Request
  • Business Card Request
  • New Hire Onboarding Request
  • Buyer Interview Form
  • Seller Interview Form
  • Agent Request for Joint Marketing
  • This Is Good Because (TIGB)
  • Team Member Recognition
  • Post-Closing Surveys
  • Team Apparel/Swag Orders
  • Co-Op Agent Surveys

You can integrate your Jotforms with other programs through Zapier & PDF Form Converter. For example, Stephanie’s time off request automatically goes to their payroll spreadsheet. The daily activity form goes to their reporting platform. The Seller Interview form automatically fills out a pdf that is sent to the agent going on the listing appointment.

PS – You can also use Google forms. We like Jotforms because it offers contingent & “skip” options on the forms. For example – If you choose “buyer”, one set of questions drops. If you choose “seller”, a different set of questions drops. Jotfoms also has better visuals and we like their email routing.

Here are some examples of the Jotforms/integrations created by Stephanie and her operations team at Anderson Hicks Group:


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