March 27, 2020

Is “Lead Gen” A Dirty Word In The Ops World?

Some agents think admin staff should lead generate. It’s as simple as that. Some think they should actually hard core prospect right along with the team on a daily basis.

Others think they should do a “soft” version of lead gen, calling through the database for updates or for client events.

And some (and by some, I mean most admin) think lead gen is just NOT a part of admin, because if they were good at it, they’d be in sales, not operations.

Most admin think “lead gen” is a dirty word. Those who have been to our “BE A BOSS! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA” class know that we teach the 3X Rule. The 3X Rule means that an Ops Boss™ should generate 3 times their salary in GCI to the team THROUGH SYSTEMS. So in a sense, regardless of the options listed above, we have ALL always been “lead generators”.

In light of today’s environment, I’d like to add a new twist. It’s time for ALL Ops Bosses™ to embrace Lead Gen. Except I’d like to reframe it and call it “Love Gen”. (Remember that old song “Love Train” by the O’Jays?  In case you don’t, here are the lyrics: “People all over the world, Join hands, Start a love train, love train“. But I digress . . . LOL)

Instead of reaching out with the typical “Do you know anyone looking to buy, sell or invest in real estate“, I just want you to call your family, friends and past clients to ask “Hey – checking in to see how you’re doing with everything and is there anything I can do to help?”

Why do you want to do this?

1. Because you care.

You truly DO care. And there actually may be something you can do to help! We are not in the business of “houses”, we are in the relationship business. Your relationships may be able to help others.

2. It’s time to lead UP.

We are hearing tales of agents and teams where the agents are not doubling down on lead gen. (Remember – doubling down will maintain your business, not grow it). Some teams were not committed in the first place. So I challenge you as an Ops Boss™ to step up and lead by example. EVERYONE is living outside their comfort zone right now. Why not lean all the way in?

3. You’re planting seeds that will bear fruit and fruit is SWEET!

The conversation inevitably will allow you to talk about the fact that you’re still working, working from home and what’s happening in your world. Which will remind people you are in real estate. And as we emerge post COVID-19, there will be people who need help. You want to be the one they call. Not only will this help them (because you likely work for one of the best agents or teams in your area), it will help your team and it will help YOU. You may or may not have the typical bonus income you expected this year. So seize this opportunity to create new bonus or referral income.

Here’s the challenge we have given all of our coaching clients:


Every business day, do the following:

  • 5 Calls (Slydial does NOT count!) – goal is to speak to someone (people are actually answering phones these days!)
  • 5 Text Messages (email does NOT count, people are getting overwhelmed with coronavirus email)
  • 5 Facebook PMs or Instagram DMs

In the meantime, keep working on those systems. Right now our Systems Motto is:

  • High Tech & High Touch
  • Provide Value
  • Generate Revenue

And remember what it says on page 47 of SHIFT: “No more paperwork for paperwork’s sake. No more detail for detail’s sake. Complexity kills.” and “What is the least you have to do now so you can get the most done?”

Now let’s get BOSSY!

Christy Belt Grossman, CEO Ops Boss Coaching™



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