July 6, 2024

How To Build A Predictable, Purpose Driven Business (Divorce Real Estate)

Have you ever wished your real estate business was predictable AND purpose driven (instead of cyclical, seasonal and market dependent?) This is pretty much the dream of every Realtor®.

We recently had the honor of interviewing Laurel Miller Starks.  She is the #1 Divorce Real Estate Agent in the country, Owner of Starks Realty Group AND the Founder of The Ilumni Institute (and its CDRE® certification – Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert).

Laurel is passionate and committed to raising the bar in family law, divorce real estate AND most importantly for families going through divorce and selling the family home. She has literally written the book on it and led the way over the past decade as this field has developed in large part with her leadership. She is a subject matter expert and frequent court witness.

We chatted about:

✔️ What “Divorce Real Estate” Is
✔️ How The Business Model Is Different Than Traditional Practice
✔️ The Role of Leverage in Divorce Real Estate
✔️ Tips For Realtors® To Avoid Fallout with Divorcing Sellers (neutrality, personalities, emotions)
✔️ How Attorneys/Courts Select Agents For Their Clients
✔️ Who Should/Should NOT Become A CDRE® (Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert) & What’s Involved

5 Key Takeaways:

1. *Expert Qualifications Matter:* Discover why having the right qualifications, like the CDRE designation, is crucial in divorce real estate and how it impacts families and the legal system.

2. *Complex Real Estate Dynamics:* Learn about the tangled web of title issues, bankruptcy, tax liens, judgments, and foreclosures that can arise in divorce cases.

3. *Networking for Success:* Get the inside scoop on building credibility, experience, and strong relationships with divorce attorneys to become the go-to expert they rely on.

4. *Ethics Over Profits:* Understand the importance of prioritizing the well-being of divorcing families over quick sales and steering clear of predatory practices.

5. *Team Support is Key:* Hear why leveraging administrative support is vital for success in this specialized, listing-based business model and how minimal marketing can yield high ROI.

Connect with Laurel Starks:


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How To Build A Predictable, Purpose Driven Business (Divorce Real Estate)

How To Build A Predictable, Purpose Driven Business (Divorce Real Estate)

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Take The “Boss Mode” Quiz!