June 23, 2024

Take The “Boss Mode” Quiz!

Our definition of “bossy” does NOT mean sitting around telling other people what to do. Leveling up to “Boss Mode” means taking ownership, being growth oriented, setting goals, being accountable and providing RESULTS.  This all starts with leading yourself.

If you are a Business Owner reading this, click directly through for Academy Information. We can help train your Ops Boss® to move faster so you can go from Problem Solver to Solution Approver. We have Introductory Pricing you can take advantage of: $750 up front or 3 easy monthly payments of $299 for the 10 week course!

If you’re an Operations or Admin staff member – Keep Reading for The Quiz, followed by Academy Details (especially if you’re feeling like you need a “do-over” or a re-set to get your feet back under you!)

Let’s play a game to help assess your professional growth in three key areas:
  1. Knowing your role
  2. Communicating effectively
  3. Managing your time and energy

Each of these areas instrumental in entering “Boss Mode”.

The Quiz:

Here are 15 statements. For each statement, if it applies to you, add a point; if it doesn’t, subtract a point. Add them up for your ‘BOSS MODE’ score.


  1. I regularly review and update my job description to ensure alignment with current expectations.
  2. I understand how my role contributes to the overall success of the team or organization.
  3. I communicate proactively with my leader to clarify expectations and seek guidance when needed.
  4. I take initiative to identify and address areas where I can add value beyond my assigned tasks.
  5. I consistently meet or exceed performance expectations in my role.
  6. I actively participate in team meetings and discussions, contributing ideas and insights.
  7. I adapt my communication style to suit the preferences and needs of different individuals or groups.
  8. I actively listen to others without interrupting or judging their perspectives.
  9. I have a dedicated and consistent way to provide progress updates to others.
  10. I have confidence that my leader could tell someone else what I am working on and how I contribute to the team bigger picture.
  11. I prioritize tasks based on their urgency and importance.
  12. I break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  13. I schedule regular breaks and incorporate activities into my daily routine that GIVE me energy
  14. I use technology to automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows wherever possible.
  15. I set realistic deadlines for myself and hold myself accountable for meeting them.

Now you know your ‘BOSS MODE’ score, where you excel and where you have room for growth. 

At this point, you may be wondering, “how do you do it all and still stay sane?
The Answer:

You’ll find the answer in our upcoming 10 Week Ops Boss® Academy where we dive deep to help you with ALL of this and so much more. We launch July 18. Join Us!

Who Should Attend?
  • Admin and Operations Staff from ANY industry – Especially Entrepreneurial Businesses
  • Newer Admin Who Want To Establish A Foundation from Which to Launch
  • Experienced Admin Who Need A RE-BOOT Including The WHY Behind What We Do
  • Seasoned Ops Bosses® who onboard & train other admin in their business and need a refresh on foundations to teach for success
  • Real Estate Admin & Operations Team Members – at the Brokerage AND Team Level (EAs, Admin, TCs, Directors of Operations, COOs, MCAs, Client Care, Listing Managers, Office Managers, Marketing Assistants, etc.)
You’ll Walk Out With:
  • Clarity on What Matters and What Is Just Noise
  • System for Clear Communication To Build Trust Between Business Owner and Admin
  • Network and Community for Support
  • Understanding How to Think & Take Action Like an OPS BOSS®
  • Time Management Tips and Processes
  • Task Management Tips and Software Suggestions
  • Energy Management Plan
  • Communication Clarity with DISC for Leader, Co-workers, and Clients
  • Document Storage Systems Examples
  • Email Management Systems
  • A workbook FULL of templates from class (ex: goal setting, parking lot system, meeting agendas, and so much more!)
  • Week 1: Welcome, Clarity of Job Description/Role & Knowing Your 80/20
  • Week 2: Communication Partnership, DISC, and Teamwork/Staying on Same Page
  • Week 3: Time Management
  • Week 4: Task Management
  • Week 5: Technology Tamers, Emails, and Document Management
  • Week 6: Capturing Information & Managing the Squirrels
  • Week 7: Capturing Info & Squirrels (Cont’d)
  • Week 8: Tracking Your Big Rocks & Setting Smart Goals
  • Week 9: Networking and Growth Plans
  • Week 10: Energy Management Systems & Bonus Material
Here are some initial tips to help you enter “Boss Mode”:

Segment 1: Know Your Role | Focus on What Matters

  • Understand and update your job description.
  • Know how your role contributes to the team’s success.
  • Identify “must-do” tasks to make each day and week a “win.”
  • Communicate proactively with leaders.
  • Take initiative to add value beyond assigned tasks.

Segment 2: Communicate Effectively | Working with Others

  • Actively participate in team meetings.
  • Adapt communication styles to different individuals or groups.
  • Listen actively without interrupting or judging.
  • Provide consistent progress updates.
  • Align personal goals with team and organizational objectives.

Segment 3: Manage Your Time and Energy to Stay Productive and Increase Your Longevity

  • Prioritize tasks based on urgency and importance.
  • Break down larger tasks into smaller, manageable steps.
  • Schedule regular breaks and incorporating physical activity.
  • Use technology to automate repetitive tasks.
  • Set realistic deadlines and holding yourself accountable.

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Take The “Boss Mode” Quiz!

Take The “Boss Mode” Quiz!