June 18, 2024

“WHO” Is In The Room?

Remember that old board game called “Clue”? (Or maybe you saw the movie?) “Professor Plum did it in the Conservatory with the Lead Pipe!” Playing CLUE is kind of what we will be doing at Ops Boss® Leader Retreat; except instead of solving crimes, we’ll be solving YOUR Business Challenges!

WHO is in the room is one of the things that distinguishes Ops Boss® Leader Retreat from other events. You won’t meet Professor Plum. Instead you’ll meet people like Jerrica Kontos and Aly Flaningan-Napier and lots of other Industry Leaders who will share how they “did it” so you can too!

MEET Jerrica Kontos:
  • Her real estate journey, which began in 2018, saw her rapidly progress from an Executive Assistant to a Director of Operations, aligning strategies and goals to scale new ventures and build a top-performing team, independent brokerage, and flip business. She currently tames lions as the DOO for Connecticut Luxury Agent & Serial Entrepreneur Michael Ferraro.
  • Jerrica Kontos is an Elite 1:1 Coach, Consultant, and Certified Trainer at Ops Boss® Coaching. Renowned for igniting action and enthusiasm, she expertly guides clients through roadmaps to surpass their ceilings, whether they’re operations leaders, leadership teams, or integrator/visionary partnerships.
  • Her expertise lies in priority discernment, system implementation, and people management, with a special knack for navigating the complexities of multiple team owners and businesses.

We’re excited to feature Jerrica in a session, “Navigating the Galaxy of Process & Accountability: Leveraging RACI Charts for Rocket Fuel“, where she’ll delve into the importance of clarity in roles and responsibilities, how to use RACI charts to enhance team efficiency, and provide actionable strategies for driving team & profit growth.

MEET Aly Flaningan-Napier:
  • Aly Flaningan-Napier is an Ops Boss® Academy Coach and Consultant. She serves as the Director of Operations at The Kimberly Davis Group, a powerhouse team in the North Texas/Dallas Fort Worth real estate area. 
  • Aly has been with the team since 2019 and with her operational leadership has helped the team almost double production through systems and operations.
  • With a deep understanding of small businesses in B2C industries, Aly is now channeling her expertise into utilizing artificial intelligence to drive operational efficiency & results. Her unique insights empower others to leverage AI in achieving streamlined processes and scalable success.

Join Aly for an out-of-this-world session, “Harnessing AI for Out-of-This-World Innovation,  Efficiency & Profit”. Discover practical AI strategies to streamline processes, boost efficiency, and drive profitability like never before!


Here’s what last year’s Ops Boss® Leader Retreat attendees said:
  • “This is a special community, not only do I feel like I can confidently ask questions, mastermind and learn, the organizers listen to what our needs are and the needs of the market and fill the weekend with opportunities for the attendees to learn and connect with.” Alicia Haschytz, DOO
  • “I have never felt more connected at a conference. I feel that this was really geared toward me and what I do.  I made a lot of really great new connections.” Mike Cole, VP of Operations and CFO
  • “I can’t say enough great things.  It was incredible to have a retreat and learning opportunity geared specifically toward operations which has never been the case in other events I have  attended.  I didn’t just take home a nugget or two, I took home an entire knapsack of incredible ideas!“ Jenn Heller, DOO 
  • “Not only did I learn so much, and gain so many connections, but my mindset was totally reset.” Aly Flaningan-Napier, DOO
  • “I love this event and find so much value from it. It takes one super actionable item or one contact to generate a 3x return on the cost of the event. It’s also such a one of a kind event with value and community you can’t get anywhere else.” Annie Brida, Operations Manager

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Let’s Get Bossy in DC!

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