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Meet Brooke Wilson

Brooke is our Systems Boss at Ops Boss® Coaching. She’s the wizard behind the screen who creates the systems that empower our clients and coaches to reach their biggest goals. She is also a Trainer and Group coach.

Her career path provides unique insight into our clients’ & coaches’ worlds, as she has sat in most seats of a real estate team - assistant, transaction coordinator, listing manager, marketing director, even agent! She began as an entry-level Administrative Assistant to a two-agent team producing $5M. She rapidly grew, and as a Director of Operations played a key role in helping grow a full-scale business producing $60M with two locations, 10+ agents, and an operations staff. Outside of her experience on real estate teams she has a long history of working as the "Integrator" for Visionaries. Brooke is gifted at taking a visionary’s “squirrels,” and transforming that chaos into order. She’s an incredible thought partner and is uber skilled at creating & executing action plans & systems that result in scalable growth. As an entrepreneur’s daughter who spent her childhood riding shotgun to the building and growth of multiple businesses, she feels like she has been doing this her entire life and was something she was born to do. 

Brooke is passionate about growing personally and professionally so that she can show up as the best version of herself for those around her. She feels that the fast-paced and always challenging world of real estate operations is the perfect environment to do just that.  She has a contagious smile and embodies positivity & new possibles with both her words & actions.