November 29, 2022

The Best Ways To Show Your Ops Boss® Appreciation

What should I do for my admin for the holidays?”

That’s the question agents start asking us about now. So every year we do a poll to see what Ops Bosses® wish their agents would do for them to show appreciation.

Three years ago,  the “unofficial consensus” was TIME. (Go back and read that post because we still believe giving your “partner in crime” your time is the BEST thing you can do.) This year’s poll was radically different and produced a clear #1 answer with almost TEN times as many votes as the next most popular answer.

2022 Top Five List – “What Your Ops Boss® Wants For The Holidays”

5. Weekend getaway

4. Have my house cleaned

3. Send me to Ops Boss® Leader Retreat

2. Spa day

DRUMROLL PLEASE . . . The number one answer is:

1. “Random Bonus”, “Bonus Based on Metrics” and “Cold Hard Cash”

LOT of popular answers in previous years were no longer selected. We believe this is a two-fold result from the state of the economy and the state of the real estate market. Inflation means Ops Bosses® on salaries are having a harder time paying the bills. And teams with declining production (which is not all teams, but includes many) are paying less bonuses & profit share.

Our Favorite Answer Not Listed Above:

Nothing – my agent shows appreciation all year long“.

High Five to the 2 agents (Mike Lentz and Matt Harnick) who had Ops Bosses® choose that answer!

Other Gift Ideas People Voted For:
  • One on One operations coaching
  • More vacation time or more flexible schedule
  • Gift card
  • Stand up desk
  • Take me out to lunch/quality time
  • Have my car detailed
  • Share kind words about me (handwritten note, social media post, shoutout at team meeting)
  • Title change to reflect current role
Gifts NO ONE Chose:
  • Louboutin shoes or LV purse
  • Work from home more often (Covid took care of that adjustment!)
  • Flowers
  • Send whiskey to my spouse
  • Air pods or noise canceling headphones

We suggest (unless your Ops Boss® has a glaring need for cash) that you combine cash with growth opportunities for a much longer lasting and bigger impact on both your Ops Boss® and your business.

Growth Opportunities To Surprise Them With:
Stocking Stuffers

Check out our Ops Boss® Shop for books and fun stuff chosen by our team especially for Ops Bosses®!

Who spends more time focused on YOUR success than your assistant? Probably not too many people. Appreciate them LIKE A BOSS (an OPS BOSS®)!

Happy Holidays!

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