October 29, 2021

Ops Boss® Leader Retreat – What’s It All About?

More than 130 operations professionals from around the country gathered in Fairfax, VA this month for the 4th Annual Ops Boss® Leader Retreat! They represented 36 states, a multitude of brokerages and a variety of other real estate operations businesses like transaction company coordination and administrative leverage.

The Ops Boss® Leader Retreat was created by our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman. It’s “the weekend I dreamed of going to for the 23 years I was COO of a top real estate team“. Christy was tired of going to sales events, conferences and trainings where there *might* be an “admin session on the side”. She craved an event where it was ALL Ops, BY Ops, FOR Ops. So she created one. A 3 day weekend designed to power up both your business AND your life.

In case you missed it and you’re curious, the agenda is below, along with the video wrap up we did with coaches & first time attendees sharing their AHAs.

Ops Boss® Leader Retreat 2022 will be October 21-23 in Fairfax, VA. Hope to see YOU there! Contact us if you’d like to be on the Early Notification List for tickets!



FRIDAY – “Network Like A Boss”

  • Social Hour
  • Live Music
  • Casual Mastermind Dinners

SATURDAY – “Business Like A Boss”

  • Start The Day Like A Boss
  • Fix It Like A Boss (Stephanie Brackett)
  • Turn Your Business Into A Winnable Game (Zac Muir)
  • Neuroscience of Leadership (Nora Simpson)
  • Harness The Winds of Chaos with Innovation & Creativity (Chef Jon Krinn)
  • Purposeful Parents & Bossy Kids (Vija & Aiden Williams, Jessica & Quinn Hubbard, Sheena & Aysil Saydam
  • Attract The Unicorns (Linzee Ciprani)
  • Radical Retention, Fierce Focus & Other Leadership Lessons (Jen Wade, Emily Smith, Bethany Redding)
  • Hands On With A Jotforms Genius (Jessica Hubbard & Katy Haluch)
  • Goal Setting & Domino Tipping (Ellenmarie Foga & Kelli Turco)
  • Meaningful Conversations (Elizabeth Gilbert)
  • Gaga Over Google Sites (Stephanie Brackett & Katy Haluch)
  • Creating Your Own Career Path/Leading From All Sides (Hannah Perkey & Ellenmarie Foga)
  • Think Like An Owner (Stephanie Brackett, Chey Herren, Bethany Redding, Emily Smith)

SUNDAY – “Super Soul Sunday”

  • Why Walk When You Can Fly (Intentionally Bossy (Christy Belt Grossman)
  • A Transformed Life (Buffy Kirkman)
  • Growth From The Inside Out (Vija Williams)

Thank you to our Sponsors:

  • Ciprani Consulting
  • Reynolds Group Network
  • Sisu
  • Wizehire
  • Stewart Title
  • Prime Lending

Contact us if you’d like to be on the Early Notification List for tickets or Sponsorships!

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Ops Boss® Leader Retreat – What’s It All About?

Ops Boss® Leader Retreat – What’s It All About?