April 12, 2021

Administrative Professionals Day – Why Bother?

Greetings REALTOR® Friends!

If you are High D like me, you may think Hallmark holidays are well, Hallmark holidays. Especially this year with the disruption of Coronavirus. Administrative Professionals’ Day is next Wednesday, April 21st. It may be a silly Hallmark holiday, and I believe we can never show enough gratitude. Gratitude is a fantastic retention tool. Gratitude pays dividends in terms of productivity. And I know your Ops Bosses® have gone above and beyond to create a “new normal” – juggling working from home, creating new systems, supervising e-learning for their families, all while most teams’ production was the highest ever!

Here are a few ideas to show gratitude:

Note: (If your budget allows, you can buy something. Regardless of budget, what is MOST important is the acknowledgement and active appreciation.)

  • Send flowers. Better yet, send a unicorn.
  • Celebrate them on your team power up on Zoom (make handmade signs or each take a turn sharing)
  • Ask your team to record videos about why they appreciate your Ops Boss® and post the videos on Facebook (you can later incorporate them into your talent gen material as part of your value proposition)
  • Order team swag or a shirt that says OPS BOSS® on it
  • Send dinner for the family
  • $50 gift card to spend on home office “decor”
  • Sign up and come with them to a BE A BOSS class
  • Sign them up for a Systems Are Sexy class
  • Send a gift/gift card to their kids/spouse to thank them for “sharing” them with you
  • Lastly, how about a handwritten note (mail it NOW) – something thoughtful, meaningful and specific. Doesn’t cost you a dime and may be the BEST gift you ever gave!

Special Message to Agents/Team Owners/Business Owners who have Ops Bosses® in coaching with us:

Thank you for allowing us to support you, your EA, DOO or COO. Stephanie, Hannah, Elizabeth, Jessica, Ellenmarie & I are blessed beyond measure to be a part of your teams and take our commitment to YOUR success very seriously. As we have been discussing with you/your Ops Bosses®, this is an unprecedented time. A gift of a pattern interrupt where we get to choose new habits, new mindset, new outcomes. We are working on going “E” to “P” in a way some may never have done before. Based on my experience weathering a variety of “challenging markets” from the 80’s through today, I fully believe every one of you will not only “survive” this time, but come out thriving – with increased profitability, market share and living better, more purposeful lives.

As my daughter used to say when she was young, “You’re not the boss of me“. Well, that’s what WE are saying to Coronavirus and market conditions like low inventory. Let’s get bossy!

Christy Belt Grossman, CEO, Ops Boss® Coaching

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