February 20, 2021

24 Touch Your TEAM!

You probably already have a “touch plan” built for your clients and sphere of influence, but do you have one for your team?!

If you’re a Director of Operations or COO of a real estate team, then your role contributes to both culture & retention. The administrative “side” of the business of course provides “transactional” support (listing management, contract-to-close, marketing, etc). And many people forget that it’s ALSO our role to provide “relational” support!

Your value proposition has to include BOTH. It’s where you connect the head and the heart. It’s also part of how you “re-recruit” your agents, something you should ALWAYS be doing.

So what is a 24 Touch for your Team?

  • It’s a purposeful plan to ensure you are connecting with each team member.
  • It includes team events, milestone recognition, and one-on-one contacts. (Just like your Touch Plan for Clients. Think client events, houseaversary cards and one-on-one phone calls/texts.)
  • It is SYSTEMIZED in your CRM so it does not rely on your memory to happen and it happens CONSISTENTLY. It’s a systemized way to “love on your people”.

One of our Coaches, Ellenmarie Foga, suggests you start the plan as each member onboards. Part of her onboarding plan includes a one-on-one conversation with the new team member where she asks a bunch of questions to get to know the newbie. She then adds the info to a spreadsheet that she & her Rainmaker share.

Here’s the info she puts on the spreadsheet:

  • Birthday
  • Spouse/Partner’s Name
  • Wedding Anniversary Date
  • Kids (names/ages)
  • Pets (kind/name)
  • Favorite Drink
  • Favorite Restaurant
  • Favorite Color
  • Favorite Flower
  • Favorite Dessert
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite Holiday
  • DISC Profile
  • Love Language
  • Anniversary of Hire Date

There’s lots of other bits of “intel” you can gather as you work together longer. So add an extra field  for “other notes”. (Example: “She loves unicorns.” “Yankees Fan”. “Harry Potter freak”, along with things like Meyers-Briggs, Anneagram, Word of the Year, Strengthsfinders).

What kinds of touches do you include in your 24 Touch for Team?

Team Events – Happy Hours, Trivia Night, Community Service, Spa Days, Axe Throwing, Vineyard Trips. Events that give you time to hang out together as a group AND allow for one-on-one personal conversations. Bring in speakers that help them personally, not just professionally. Examples: Fitness trainer, financial planner, yoga teacher. Do a book club.

Milestones – Recognize people individually for milestone events like their first listing, first contract, first commission check, first million in sales, first online review, anniversary with the team, hitting $5 Million in sales, $10 Million in sales, $100,000 in GCI, adding their 500th person to their sphere database, bought their first home, bought their first investment property.

You can also recognize group and team milestones. Examples: Millionaire Dinners with agents/spouses as they achieve certain GCI milestones, culture awards, top agent mastermind lunches.

(You can think of a bunch more milestones! Choose the ones that correlate to your team goals and team culture.)

Once you choose the milestones, decide how you are going to recognize them. Personal phone call from Rainmaker? Shout-out at team meeting? Post on social media? Gift card? Team Swag?

Holiday Love – You can celebrate holidays together or individually. Easy ones are Valentine’s, Mardi Gras, New Year. Leave beads, cards and candy on their desk.

Personal Touches – This can include things like a quarterly one-on-one lunch, a “random” handwritten note or text to recognize a job well done, getting together to help them dream big and set goals, or sending flowers to their spouse/significant other (or toys to their kids) to thank them for “sharing” them with you. It can also include on-on-one meeting to “vision” and goal set.

Now, create the plan in your CRM

  • This does NOT have to be complicated! It can be as easy as scheduling a recurring activity to “touch” each teammate bi-weekly and log it in a tracking sheet.
  • If you have a CRM with automation, schedule “random” texts and emails to your teammates.
  • Don’t forget birthday and hiring anniversary reminders.
  • You can even schedule to remind your teammates about their personal wedding anniversaries so they don’t get in trouble at home LOL!
  • Plan your team events for the year and schedule them just like you schedule client events.
  • Schedule recurring activities to check for/recognize milestones, write handwritten notes, schedule lunches, etc.

The point is to have PLANNED, MEANINGFUL communication. Doing so will take you from transactional to relational, thereby improving your culture and increasing your retention. Now THAT is BOSSY!

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