March 20, 2021

“Call Night” – As Easy as One, Two, Three!

Is your team planning a “Call Night”? Not sure where to start? It’s as easy as 1,2,3! Here are some ideas:

Your Role In Call Night As An Ops Boss®:

1. Make it so EASY on your agents that all they have to do is show up and dial. This means preparing call lists and scripts ahead of time.

2. Make it FUN so they look forward to coming. How? Set a theme, feed them, play games and award prizes.

3. JOIN in and participate just like the agents do. Lead by example. Call nights are a great opportunity to go through your database, touch the orphans (past clients who had no agent or whose agent has left the team) and your own sphere of influence.

(If you’re an assistant for a single agent or a small team, you might plan a call night with a group of agents in your office. It will be a lot more fun that way!)

Theme Ideas

  • Choose a decade – 70’s Disco, 80’s Retro, 90’s Pop
  • Crazy Hats
  • Inside Out & Backwards
  • Another Country
  • Mardi Gras
  • Desert Island

Have everyone dress up, decorate the conference room, and tie your food & drinks into the theme.

Award Ideas:

Create a BINGO card and award prizes as people hit BINGO. (You can do this in Canva or at Also have a list of end of night awards.

Things To Go On Bingo Card:

  • Appointment Set
  • No Answer
  • Hung Up On
  • Updated Contact Info
  • Gave Me A Referral
  • Heard Their Life Story
  • Dog Barking
  • Wants To Rent
  • Kid Crying
  • Said The F Word
  • Said They’d Call Back
  • Said They Can’t Talk
  • Set 10 Follow Up Tasks in CRM
  • Took 60 Seconds to Breathe
  • Friended Them on FB
  • Moving out of state
  • Buyer Buyer Pants on Dire (buying in next 30 days)
  • I’m on the Do Not Call List
  • Free Space
  • My Friend/Relative Is a Realtor
  • Waiting For Spring
  • Waiting For Prices To Drop

Here’s a sample card one of our coaches did for her team. (Thanks Ellenmarie Foga!)


  • Most Dials
  • Most Contacts
  • Most Appointments
  • First To Bingo
  • Second To Bingo
  • Covered The Card
  • Best Themed Dresser

Prize Ideas

  • Starbucks cards
  • Gas gift cards
  • GC To Detail Your Car
  • Commission bump of 5% of next deal

Games – Halfway through, take a break for a game:

  • Rock, paper, scissors. Play fast and keep playing until the last one is standing.
  • Minute To Win It – Everyone gets a cup and a straw. Pour marshmallows on the table. The person who can move the most marshmallows into their cup using the straw, with hands behind their back, wins. (Bonus: When you’re done, fill everyone’s cup with hot chocolate.) (You can substitute popcorn, m&m’s, cotton balls for marshmallows.)
  • Musical chairs
  • Pie Face!

Script Ideas

  • Call to invite them to your next event. (Don’t forget to call everyone AFTER the event also to thank them for coming or to say you missed them and hope to see them at the next event.)
  • Call to update their contact info to “ensure you remain on our VIP Client list so you get invited to all of our events“!
  • Circle prospect around your listings (3 calls – One to let people know a home is coming on the market. One to let them know it went under contract and ask if they’d like you to give them the price when it sells. One when it closes – to let people know the sold price.)
  • Circle prospect around listings with multiple offers – Call to let people know how many offers you had and ask them if they’d like to chat about selling their home too.

There’s a million scripts. That’s the easy part! Your role as Ops Boss® is to have scripts prepared for each person calling.

Now, JOIN in! 

If you are reluctant to call your sphere because “I’m not a sales person for a reason“, perhaps you could think of it like this:

There are more than a million Realtors® in the country. Your team is probably one of the best, if not THE best, in your area. If you truly care about your friends & family, you want to let them know so that they don’t end up with one of those “less than stellar” agents. So add them to your agent’s database and start dialing!

A true Ops Boss® also knows we lead by example. AND they’re competitive. The bossiest thing you can do is to plan the whole Call Night, then win Bingo like a boss!

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