June 8, 2021

Words Create Worlds – Do Yours?

“Words create worlds.”

This is the introduction Jake Dreyfuss used when he interviewed our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, on his podcast “Sell Them With Kindness“.

He made the comment in relation to the evolution in the industry that Christy has spearheaded for many years, to elevate the operations role in real estate; changing the vernacular from “just an admin” to “Ops Boss®(yes, the term is trademarked!).

If you have attended “BE A BOSS! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA”, you know an “average assistant” and an Ops Boss® are like apples on a tree vs tarte tatin! (Raw ingredients versus an upside down French apple tart that is to die for!)

Ops Bosses® are business partners, intrepreneurs, growth minded, action takers who “own” their side of the business. (And that’s another whole conversation you can listen to here.)

When a Realtor views the role as an “Ops Boss®” versus an “assistant”, everyone’s world gets bigger: the agent’s, the Ops Boss®, and the team. Expectations are higher, and what is possible expands exponentially. Just by the word you used to describe the role.

If words create worlds, how are YOU being purposeful with the words you use to ensure you create bigger worlds for your teammates? And for yourself?!

Here are a few examples of “Ops Boss® Real Talk” to get you started:

  • OUT: Confrontation
  • IN: Conversation

“Average assistants” fear confrontation. As a result, they often avoid the “hard” topics. Ops Bosses® know that Entrepreneurs count on them to bring a fuller perspective when decision making, for “hole poking” when necessary and for being the “Captain of Consistency” they need to keep them focused.

If you think of this as “conversation” instead of confrontation, it becomes much easier. That means problems are solved faster. Solutions are better thought out. The result is a business that grows stronger, faster & bigger. And bigger worlds for all involved.

  • OUT: Accountability
  • IN: Coaching

The word accountability has a bad rap. The reality is true Ops Bosses® CRAVE accountability. They seek it out like a moth to a flame. So do the most successful business owners. That said, we often have team members who aren’t where we are (yet).  It’s our opportunity to encourage our team to step up to be their best. Instead of weekly “accountability meetings”, what if you had weekly “coaching” or “one on ones” with your team? This makes it more about them, than it does about you. (And isn’t that how it should be anyways?)

PS – Team Leaders, if you have a business coach and you’re in growth mode, put your Ops Boss® in operations coaching. Double sled dogs (versus one lead) pull the team faster.

  • OUT: Goals
  • IN: Commitments

OK, we are not saying to throw your goals out. We all need BIG goals. AND, if we focus on our activities, the results will follow. So instead of focusing on lagging indicators – move your weekly focus to commitments. Ask yourself (or your teammates) what you COMMIT to doing this week.  That one word will change your life and theirs. (Same idea as “There’s no such thing as try“.)

  • OUT: Talk About It (or Just Do It)
  • IN: Implement It

Lots of teams talk the talk. Very few walk the walk. Some don’t get past the “talk about it” stage. (See Goals vs Commitments above). Other teams skip from crawling to sprinting, only to be surprised there are hurdles on the track.

Instead of dreaming up an idea and “just doing it”, IMPLEMENT it.

Implementing implies pre-learning and planning. It implies purposefulness and an implementation PROCESS. (We teach the 5 Steps To Creating A System in our Systems Are Sexy class.) Implementing means less work on the back end. And it means you get the actual results you’re looking for versus a bunch of unintended and problematic results.

“Do it” feels faster. And it’s not, because “just do it” means “now fix it” follows. Instead, “Implement it”!


You’ve heard the saying, “you’re either growing or you’re dying“. Your words have the same effect. Choose carefully and the words you use can create great big worlds – for you AND your team.

This is “Real Talk”! And we think THAT is Bossy!

PS – Stay Tuned: We have more “Real Talk” coming.

And if you want to be part of the realest of real talks, and high-level operations conversation, join us at the 6th Annual Ops Boss® Leader Retreat Oct 6-8 in the Washington DC Area! It’s where the unicorns come out to play!

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