February 21, 2019

It Touched Quite A Nerve!

This week our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, was honored to speak about Ops Bosses on a real estate panel, which was put together to raise money for FightDMD.com to fund research to cure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. We’re proud to say we helped raise over $11K for charity. (Thank you to those of you who came!)

And . . .

She got “memed”!

A photo was taken at the fundraiser, memed, and posted on Facebook. It quickly went viral, with more than 500 “likes” and hundreds of comments in a matter of hours. It touched quite a nerve in the real estate community! Here it is:

The reason it caught fire is because there is SO much ambiguity about what the role of a real estate assistant is, AND what the difference is between an “average assistant” and an “Ops Boss™”.  Agents often want to hire an “Ops Boss™” and pay “average assistant wages”.

Christy had a conversation just this week that illustrated that:

Agent: “What is the going hourly rate for an assistant?”

Christy: “Well, that depends on what they are doing.”

Agent: “I just need someone about 10 to 15 hours a week.”

Christy: “Have you thought about a virtual assistant?”

Agent: “Well, I need someone really smart, who already knows everything about real estate, and who will work in my office. So I was thinking $12 per hour.”

Christy: “Girl, what do you pay your teenage babysitter?”

Agent: “$15 an hour.” (This is in the Washington DC area)

Christy: “Then why would you think you can find ‘someone really smart who already knows everything about real estate’ to run your business, the livelihood that supports your family, for less than what you pay your babysitter?”

Ops Boss Coaching™ is here to bring clarity. We’re here to make your life easier, and to raise the bar for operations professionals. Here’s how:

Ops Boss™ Training Center where assistants gain confidence and lay a foundation to operate the business like a boss. It includes 3 group coaching calls/month PLUS an on-demand video training library, PLUS checklists and more. (Group coaching starts March 5th. Sign up NOW for immediate access to video library.)

Be A Boss Class – half day class taught around North America where agents and admin learn the difference between an “average assistant” and an Ops Boss™. It includes things like accountability, goal setting,  mega mindset, and how to generate income to the team through systems.

One-on-One Coaching – forty 30 min calls a year. This is one-on-one coaching for Assistants, EAs, Directors of Operation and Chief Operating Officers who are ready to go to the next level and get bossy.

Ops Boss ™Leader Retreat – once a year weekend event for high level operations leaders. It is All Ops, By Ops, For Ops, and will be held Oct 18-20, 2019 just outside Washington DC. (Here’s the link to last year’s event so you can get an idea of what it’s like.)

Being an Ops Boss™ means taking ownership of your side of the business, being accountable to RESULTS, and striving to be the best you can be – personally AND in your career. Don’t misunderstand. There’s nothing wrong with being an “average assistant” and earning “average wages”. If you would like to be more, we want to help you (or your assistant) be an Ops BOSS™!

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