August 15, 2020

Google Sites – Build A Team Portal Like A Boss!

Looking for something easy & sexy to build a Team Portal your team will embrace? We have the answer! Google Sites! Let’s back up first.

What Is A Team Portal?

It’s a one-stop-shop for your team members to find everything they need to power their success.

What’s The Difference Between Using Google Sites and Your G Drive?

There’s something about the visuals of Google sites that make it so very simple to use. Tell an agent to find something in G-drive and they will just go ask someone else to send it to them instead of looking for it. Google Sites feels more like an app.

Agents are using it, LOVING it and asking their Ops Bosses™ to put more and more things on it for them. And it’s so easy for the Ops Bosses™ to do that EVERYONE is happy!

Why Have A Team Portal?

1. IF your team uses it (and that is a HUGE “if”), it becomes a win-win. It leverages YOU as the Ops Boss™. AND it empowers your team to get their own answers and get them faster. YOU are no longer the answer person.

2. A great team portal can be used as a powerful example of your value proposition for recruiting. It looks good, feels good and is a great productivity hack for agents. It gives them a peek into what it will look like to be part of your team. (Like walking into an Apple Store, you just KNOW you can’t wait to see what’s new!)

3. It also serves as a fantastic retention tool. Give your agents everything they need or want to be successful, make it easy for them, and they won’t want to leave.

What Goes In Your Team Portal?

We could literally go for days here. Examples to get you started:

  • New Listing Handoff
  • Ratified Contract Handoff
  • Vendor List/Contractor List
  • Operations Manual
  • Listing Paperwork Request
  • Photo Request Form
  • Write An Offer Request
  • Incoming/Outgoing Referral Requests
  • Onboarding System
  • Logos
  • Social Media Content Library
  • Scripts
  • Training Videos
  • Open House Requests
  • Email Templates
  • Cancelation Requests
  • Phone Lists/Contact Info
  • Lockbox/Combo Box Info
  • Team Recognition
  • Team Contests
  • Team Numbers LIVE To The Minute
  • Office Supply/Business Card Requests
  • Send Brownie Requests
  • Training Calendar
  • Market Center Calendar
  • Recruiting Materials
  • Sales Training Manual
  • COVID Protection Plan
  • Reporting Numbers

How Does Google Sites Work?

Last week, we did a Mastermind for our Ops Boss Coaching™ clients, Leader Retreat attendees and BE A BOSS class alumni. (We do this monthly in our private Facebook Group as an added value of being part of our community.) The topic was “Google Sites – The Holy Grail for Team Portals“. And we did a LIVE demonstration of how to start one.

Within an hour of the Mastermind, multiple people had shared screen shots of the Portals they had begun creating. That is how EASY it is to use! (We are even using it now to power our back-end Coaches Corner).


It was SO powerful and SO easy, we feel compelled to share it publicly. Here’s the entire Mastermind:

Tips For Adoption/Buy-In

A system is only as good as the buy-in and adoption you get from the people using it. Here are 4 tips:

  1. Invite a Beta Tester (or testers). Your Beta Tester should be an influencer and/or top producer on your team. Have them try things out as you build the portal. Ask for and listen to their feedback. Don’t roll it out to your team until they love it so much that they will naturally be your Advocate.
  2.  Build The Hype. Talk it up. Have your Beta Testers talk it up. And don’t roll it out until the portal lives up to the hype.
  3. Get a vanity url. Example: or . This makes it easy for your team to remember where everything is. (They can also get to it with
  4. When you’re ready to roll it out, have your agent’s give you their phones during a Team Meeting. Bookmark the site on their Home Screen for them. (If you’re not in office. Schedule a time to walk them through it one-on-one.)

PS – This Team Portal idea works just as well for a single agent and assistant, as it does for a large team!

Now YOU know how to Build a Team Portal like a boss – an OPS BOSS® that is!

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