January 4, 2021

Do Your Goals Have Legs?

It’s 2021 and THIS is the year you’ve been waiting for! It’s YOUR year!

By the time you are read this post, you’ve probably written your “New Year’s Resolutions” . . .

OR maybe you don’t believe in setting “resolutions” . . .

OR maybe you don’t wait for New Year’s and you set them all year long.

Regardless of your philosophy on resolutions, I’m betting you have GOALS for 2021. After the crazy year 2020 was, it’s time to really get to it.


Before you plunge in with all that “New Year” enthusiasm, take a pause to put some legs on your goals.

1. Write down WHY.

  • Why are those goals important to you?
  • What will happen when you hit your goals?
  • How will you feel?
  • What will you do?
  • What will it mean?

2. Write down your COMMITMENTS.

Goals are often “pie in the sky”. We sometimes set goals we “should” have. Or we set goals based on what we “want”, not what we truly desire. Or we set goals based on “If I did this much in 2020, I can double that in 2021”. Goals are something we are striving towards. Commitments, on the other hand, are much stronger statements.

Think of it this way. If your son Johnny played on a soccer team, and you were to say to him, “Johnny, I have a goal to make 10 of your soccer matches.” Jonny might be excited, but he’d also probably wonder if you’d really come to them all. (Jonny has known you all his life and knows that sometimes you get “busy”.)

If you said instead, “Johnny I COMMIT to coming to 10 of your soccer matches”, Jonny would be ecstatic. (Because he also knows that you are a person of your word and that you honor your commitments.)

So write down what you COMMIT to that will support your goals. Be specific. Ask yourself what you need to do differently this year in order to get different results. You don’t just double your business by “trying harder” or “working more”. Do you need to commit to a 6am “feet-on-the-floor” time? Do you need to be in the office doing prospecting 5 mornings a week? Do you need to hire an assistant and implement a touch plan for your past clients? Write down what your COMMITMENTS are.


At the highest level, you create accountability by hiring a coach. A coach will help you go farther faster. (Yes I am biased, and it’s also proven fact.) And there are lots of other options. You can ask another Top Producer in your office to be your Accountability Partner. Or ask your assistant. Or your significant other. Or ask Johnny! Kids are incredibly good at remembering what we said we were going to do and holding us to it. Without accountability, your goals will fall to the wayside.

There’s an actual formula for how likely you are to achieve your goals:

  • 10% of your success comes from Clarity of Goal (that’s the easy part)
  • 10% of your success comes from Clarity of Plan (that’s fairly easy too)
  • 80% of your success comes from Accountability (that’s the piece most people miss)

That last piece is EXACTLY why the Real Producer’s Community exists. It’s Pareto’s Law: “80% of our results come from 20% of our actions”. Or put into real estate terms: “80% of real estate sales are done by 20% of the Realtors”. Without accountability, you will fall into the 80% of Realtors who combine to do 20% of the business.

Cheers to the 20% who do 80% of the business because they put legs on their goals. They know their WHY, they make COMMITMENTS, and CREATE ACCOUNTABILITY. We find that BOSSY!

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