June 4, 2024

Can You Train My Assistant?

“Can you train my assistant?” This is probably the question we get asked most often! And the answer is YES!

The icing on the cake is that we do what others don’t. You can learn the ins and outs of your particular industry elsewhere – checklists, contracts, software, etc. Lots of classes teach how to process listings or contracts, how to use Sales Force or Canva. How to “do the things”. Then what happens is that something presents itself “outside the box” – and the trainee does not know how to handle it because all they did was learn how to DO, not how to THINK. (Just think about how many crazy things come up in your business daily!)

So we teach how to THINK, which starts with how to be foundationally organized, purposeful and intentional, no matter what industry you’re in. So that our graduates can become Problem Solvers and Solution Bringers in the business.

Other questions we are often asked by business owners, entrepreneurs, and Realtors®:

  • “How can my assistant go faster?”
  • “How should they be keeping me in the loop?”
  • ‘How do I get them to be more proactive?”
  • “How do I move from having to tell them what to do all the time to them telling me?”

The question we get asked most by new admin (and by seasoned Directors of Operations) is “How do you do it all and stay sane?”

If you’re wondering ANY of these things – join Coach Brooke Wilson June 13th for our foundational class “Tactically A Boss”!

You can get a peek at the class AND the upcoming Ops Boss® 10 Week Academy with Ops Boss® Coaching coaches, Aly Flaningan-Napier and Brooke Wilson in this video, where they share:
  • Tips and ideas on how to focus, prioritize tasks effectively, and break down intimidating projects into achievable steps
  • How to protect your time and energy, so you end each day as strong as you started!
  • Startup and shutdown routines for peak productivity
  • Green, yellow, and red zones for effective energy management
  •  Time blocking and batching techniques to streamline tasks
  • The importance of clear job descriptions and role prioritization
  • Effective communication strategies using the DISC model and structured meetings

Who Should Attend “Tactically A Boss”?

  • ALL Real Estate Operations Staff (EAs, Admin, TCs, Directors of Operations, COOs, MCAs, Client Care, Listing Managers, Office Managers, Marketing Assistants, etc.)
  • ALL Administrative Staff Who Work In Entrepreneurial Businesses (Examples: Medical Offices, Lenders, Insurance Companies, Law Firms, Sales Companies, Builders, Small Businesses)
  • Staff From All Companies & All Brokerages Welcome
  • Great for Those New to Ops AND for Seasoned Pros Looking to Refine Their Skills and/or Training Those New to Ops


  • Partnership
  • Defining Your Role
  • Basic Systems You Need
  • Time Management and Time Blocking
  • Communication
  • Goal Setting
  • Project and Task Management
  • Organization
  • Energy Management System
  • Bonus – Tools Bosses Use

Attendees Gain:

  • Clarity on Role
  • Understanding of the 80-20 Rule
  • A Basic Timeblocked Schedule
  • Exposure To The GTD Method For Task Management
  • Ideas For Rhythm and Closing The Loop With Your Leader
  • Ideas for Start Up & Shut Down Daily Routine
  • Tools for Staying Accountable

BUSINESS OWNERS – When you hire an admin or assistant, we know you have good intentions of training them. AND we know you are busy running your business. Send your assistants to this class!

ADMIN – We know you want to perform at a high level. AND that your Leader only has so much time to teach you. We also know they aren’t great at admin, they’re great at sales. Join us!

PS – If you like this class, you’ll LOVE our brand new Ops Boss® 10 Week Academy launching in July. 


Brooke is our Systems Boss at Ops Boss® Coaching. She’s the wizard behind the screen who creates the systems that empower our clients and coaches to reach their biggest goals. Her greatest passion is seeing the results of her work create success for those around her.

Her career path provides unique insight into our clients’ & coaches’ worlds, as she has sat in most seats of a real estate team – assistant, transaction coordinator, listing manager, marketing director, even agent! She began as an entry-level Administrative Assistant to a two-agent team producing $5M. She rapidly grew, and as a Director of Operations played a key role in helping grow a full-scale business producing $60M with two locations, 10+ agents, and an operations staff. Brooke is gifted at taking a visionary’s “squirrels,” and transforming that chaos into order. She’s an incredible thought partner and is uber skilled at creating & executing action plans & systems that result in scalable growth. As an entrepreneur’s daughter who spent her childhood riding shotgun to the building and growth of multiple businesses, she feels like she has been doing this her entire life and was something she was born to do.

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