February 11, 2020

3 Tips To Hire A Great Assistant

Top REALTORS® tell us one of their biggest pain points is hiring an assistant. They often hire what turns out to be the wrong person. Then wonder whether they’re cut out to have an assistant in the first place, because all their fears about delegating to someone come true.

Here are 3 tips to mitigate the risk of a bad hire:


When you finally get to the point of hiring, whether it’s your first hire or fifth, you’re in pain. You need help. Yesterday. You interview a handful of people. And as soon as one person “shines”, you think that’s “THE ONE”!

The problem is, if you’re not comparing them to great people, they’re probably average, not great. If you only talk to five people, and all five are 4-5’s on a scale of 1-10, (you probably discarded the 1-3’s), then when you interview a 6, the 6 looks like a “Rockstar”. You got to where you, because YOU are a 10. You need to interview enough people so you’re comparing 9’s and 10’s to each other.

How many?

My last hire required 400 resumes, 100 phone interviews, 20 Zooms, then personality assessments, and 3 people who went through multiple in-person interviews.


Unemployment is at historic lows. Great candidates are hard to find. Your best candidates are working elsewhere & have bumped into a ceiling of opportunity. So how do you find them?

You DON’T tell everyone you know “I’m looking for an assistant. Do you know anybody?”

When you do that, people only think of the unemployed. Or they think of people who are “assistant material”. (Which is only defined by their experience, not by what you are looking for.)

Instead, create an elevator script that captures the qualities you want and don’t mention the job title.

Example: “I have an amazing opportunity for the right person. I’ll describe who I’m looking for. I want you to think of who you know that sounds like that. They’re probably already working somewhere else. Ready?

Then: “Who do you know that’s really detail oriented, never gets flustered with a million things going on, and is someone people love. For example, they might not be the PTA President, they’re more likely the behind the scenes person running all the committees.


When you interview a candidate, and it feels great because you “click”, take a step back and determine why.

Do you like them because you share the same values? Or does it feel good because they’re like you? (For example, you chatted away, the hour flew by, and you had the time of your life because they were as outgoing as you.)

You need to like the person you’re about to spend a lot of time with. AND you need to ensure they balance you. If you’re not detail oriented, hire someone who is. If you hate paperwork, hire someone who loves it. If you’re big picture, hire someone who loves making things happen after someone else has the ideas.

Bottom Line: There’s a lot that goes into hiring. Spend as much time hiring your “work spouse” as you would preparing to marry. That will set you up for success.

(As originally published in DC Metro Real Producers Magazine by Christy Belt Grossman)

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