November 14, 2019

The Four “F-Words” That Should Be Part of Your Life

Earlier this month, I traveled to Ocean City, MD to lead our annual Ops Boss™ Elite Retreat. As I headed home, I was reminded of the 4 “F-Words” that should be part of your life, especially at this time of year. Before I share those words, you may be wondering what the Ops Boss™ Elite Retreat is.


Five years ago, I was COO of one of the top real estate teams in the country, and it was hard to find high achievers in a similar role in my own market. So, I invited a few of them from around the country to fly in and spend the weekend at the beach to get to know each other, mastermind, have fun, and have high-minded conversations. (I’m a big believer that you don’t wait to “seize the opportunity,” you create your own.)

The result of that weekend was a HUGE amount of personal & business growth.

Over time, the group has grown slightly larger. At one time, we were mostly operations leaders of “Gary Keller Mastermind” teams with Keller Williams. Since then, we have evolved into a motley crew in a variety of companies and roles. I founded Ops Boss Coaching™. Another member of the group owns a recruiting company and a real estate team. Another has her own transformational coaching practice and owns a real estate team. Another leads a 7th level team. One is a top agent. You get the picture. 

This year’s group represented almost $1.5 BILLION and 3,500 sales in the past year. What’s more important is that we have a trust level that has been built by having people in the group who reflect the values I chose as the values of Ops Boss Coaching™ (growth, passion, integrity, authenticity, faith). This group plusses that with their drive, sharp minds, humor, transparency and vulnerability. When you put people like that in a room together, supported by a uniquely casual, intimate environment, MAGIC happens. 

The purpose of the weekend is to raise the bar on what’s possible professionally and personally; to have a loose tribe of folks who can be resources for one another, push each other, problem solve, brainstorm, challenge, bust ceilings and celebrate one another; to create new possibles, and to have fun doing it.

So, earlier this month, we rented a penthouse condo at the beach and spent 3 days masterminding, sharing personal and business wins and challenges, doing a visioning exercise, and discussing wealth building. We also ate great food, bowled and did an escape room (which, despite all the brain power and team work, we totally stunk at!). It was beyond fun, immensely clarifying, and transformational.

And it reminded me of the message I sent last year’s attendees upon arriving home:


  • FINISH strong. Start strong. November and December are the two most important months of the year.
  • FIND your “why” and keep it center stage.
  • FORTITUDE carries you through many things. Kick a%%. 
  • FRIENDS matter. Thanks for being Dream Buddies.

Finish, Find, Fortitude, Friends. THOSE are the F-Words you need in your life. Ask yourself:

  • Who is pushing you to FINISH strong?
  • Who is helping you FIND your “why” and keep it center stage?
  • Who is demonstrating FORTITUDE so you can live it too?
  • Who are your FRIENDS that dream with you and hold you accountable to those        dreams?

Coach Stephanie Brackett is one of the members of this elite group. When I sent the message out last year, she added one more F-Word: Don’t forget FUN!  Take time to have a little bit of fun to keep balance in your life. As achievers, we often forget this one F!”

One of the things we value and have created at Ops Boss Coaching™ is COMMUNITY. We are a close-knit group of like-minded high achievers. We openly share and connect. If you are looking for that environment, or looking for people to help you with your “F-Words,” schedule a call for more info on our classes, group coaching/training center, one-on-one elite coaching and our annual retreat.

You know the saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 


Christy Belt Grossman

CEO, Ops Boss Coaching™

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