January 8, 2020

Here We Grow Again – Welcome Hannah Perkey!

BREAKING! Here’s the news we teased about last week! 

Message from our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman:

A few years ago, I had what was a fairly brief conversation with someone. Albeit brief, it was one of those head-turner conversations. I can’t tell you exactly what we discussed, I just had a feeling I needed to pay attention to this person. She was sharp as a whip.

So I did. I paid attention. For 3 years. Unbeknownst to her.

It’s been that way with all of wonderful souls who are part of our Ops Boss™️ team. What they do when no one’s looking and nothing is in it for them matters. Anyone who joins our team must have a passion for helping others, brains like steel traps, and hearts that trump all. So I observe how they give back, how they lead their teams, whether they pour into others, whether they seek growth constantly, how they conduct themselves during challenging times, and whether they are well respected and humble.

Our team and business has grown slowly and surely, and only when the exact right people step up to raise their hands. Those of you who coach with us know we are OBSESSED with ensuring our clients have the exact right coach for YOU.

What our coaches have in common is a commitment to our mission, vision and values.

“Dream BIG, Achieve BIG, IMPACT Lives”

“One by one, by one by one, we change the world”

  • Authenticity
  • Growth
  • Integrity
  • Faith
  • Passion

They don’t “sign on” to this mission. It’s something they are already living, long before we partner. Joining with us is a natural Alignment. So these past 3 years, I’ve been watching. And I got really excited about what I saw.

In addition to alignment, each coach also brings something so different to the table in terms of skills and background. And it’s with all of this in mind that I’m absolutely THRILLED to make this belated announcement.

Please welcome Hannah Perkey as an Elite 1-1 Coach with Ops Boss Coaching! (Hannah joined us in December).

Hannah was the Director of Operations with Evelo Team in Indianapolis from 2016-2019, and a year ago she became the CEO, which she continues to do. Last year they did almost $50M and more than 200 units. (Our clients appreciate having coaches who are in the trenches. Hannah loves growing and growing with her team, amd is excited to continue that growth in 2020!)

Hannah has her M.B.A. in Business Administration from Ball State University. She also had a deep background in both operations and business building (and is a self proclaimed “freak” for processes and organization.)

She also hails from “corporate America”. where she helped an entrepreneur grow his business from just over $1M GCI to over $8M GCI in 7 years. In this role, she served as a corporate trainer, teaching businesses how to work across cultures and personality types, as well as running the operations and sales team (40 staff in 7 locations).

In addition, Hannah has served as a business consultant to a variety of businesses, helping in sales consultancy, market research, and more, as well as owned and operated a business with her husband. Her clients gain so much from the vast experience, skills and breadth of knowledge she brings to the coaching realm.

She’s married to Terrance (a Realtor) and is the mother of two cutie pie little girls, so she understands the challenges that come with balancing work and family.

Hannah is passionate about helping people reach success for themselves beyond what they thought could have ever been possible. (She currently only has two open spots for coaching. Contact us if you’d like to chat about that!)

Welcome Hannah! ?

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