October 30, 2020

Here We Grow Again – Meet Jessica Hubbard

BREAKING! Here’s the news we teased about last week!

Message from our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman:

If you participate in the EA/DOO/Admin Facebook Groups, you know there are a few people who ALWAYS contribute, who do so from the heart, and when they speak, they are super thoughtful in their responses. They don’t just throw an answer out, they go deeper. They ask questions, and offer insight and perspective that may not come up from other commenters. They also give when no one is looking. Spending hours on the phone helping people, sharing documents, teaching, brainstorming. NOT because of what they might get in return.

When I see this, I pay attention. It means a lot to me because I did the same thing for 20 years before I started teaching & coaching “officially”. I did it because I am PASSIONATE about helping the “Wizards Behind The Screen”. I was once one of those Wizards. When I started, there were no Facebook Groups, no masterminds, no operations coaches. There was no where to easily find help. I remember that feeling of being overwhelmed. And I wanted to help others find their voices, their confidence and their power. To help them turn obstacles into stepping stones. Hence was born our first class (“BE A BOSS! 10 Secrets of a Mega EA”) and Ops Boss Coaching™.

Ops Boss Coaching™ is the Passion Project of my life. Because of that, WHO joins us is something I don’t take lightly. we have been very slow to hire. Sheila and Bill have been with me since the beginning. Stephanie Bracket joined us in 2017. Elizabeth Gilbert 2 years ago. Hannah Perkey joined us a year ago. Our official interview process takes many months. And the more important “unofficial interview” happens before hand.

It’s been this way with all of wonderful souls who are part of our Ops Boss™️ team. What they do when no one’s looking and nothing is in it for them matters. Anyone who joins our team must have a passion for helping others, brains like steel traps, and hearts that trump all. So I observe how they give back, how they lead their teams, whether they pour into others, whether they seek growth constantly, how they conduct themselves during challenging times, and whether they are well respected and humble.

Our team and business has grown slowly and surely, and only when the exact right people step up to raise their hands. Those of you who coach with us know we are OBSESSED with ensuring our clients have the exact right coach for YOU.

What our coaches have in common is a commitment to our mission, vision, values and beliefs:

Mission: “Dream BIG, Achieve BIG, IMPACT Lives”

Vision: “One by one, by one by one, we change the world”


  • Authenticity
  • Growth
  • Integrity
  • Faith
  • Passion


  1. We use our business conversations to coach the WHOLE person.
  2. Our gifts and talents were given to us by God and we give them back joyfully
    in service to others.
  3. We are our best selves and empower others to be their best.

They don’t “sign on” to this mission. It’s something they are already living, long before we partner. Joining with us is a Natural Alignment. So these past several years, I’ve been watching our newest coach. And I got really excited about what I saw.

In addition to alignment, each coach also brings something so different to the table in terms of skills and background. And it’s with all of this in mind that I’m absolutely THRILLED to make this announcement.

Please welcome Jessica Hubbard as an Elite 1-1 Coach with Ops Boss Coaching!

Jessica is the Founder and CEO of Hubbard Realty Group located in Joplin, MO. She started her real estate career in 2011 as the Executive Assistant for the Seth Dermott Team. During this time, she discovered a love for building a business and envisioned building a real estate team from the operations side. In 2016, she hired her first agent, launched Hubbard Realty Group and never looked back. Jessica is an “owner with an ops brain”. (She’s our resident “Jotform Genius”).

Jessica loves building things. More importantly, she’s passionate about helping build people, by helping them build things. “I want to be a guiding light and helpmate to my clients.” Her gift is in finding the holes, helping clients sift through to clarity and setting up the dominoes that will impact their businesses. She’s an introvert who has found her voice and will help you find yours.

Jessica has a voracious appetite for knowledge. She loves taking the knowledge she’s learned and using it in her other passion: creatively building. Whether that be the real estate team, a painting, or a welding project, Jessica thrives in a space where she can think beyond tradition and architect a new vision.

Her German background means many in her family are builders, architects & engineers. Jessica hones her business similarly with systems, tools, knowledge and people. She is blessed to work daily with her biggest supporter, her husband Kalan, who is the Lead Listing Agent for HRG. Navigating a work life balance, especially in front of a team, has made them better partners in life, in business, and better leaders as well. Together they have a daughter, Quinn, who enjoys living and learning in such a “thinking outside of the box” environment.

  • Active Founder and CEO of Hubbard Realty Group since 2016
  • Received MO Salesperson License (2012) and MO Broker License (2019)
  • Panelist at KW Family Reunion 2020
  • Panelist & Facilitator at Ops Boss™ Leader Retreat 2020
  • Elected Treasurer (future President) of Ozark Gateway Association of Realtors (2019)
  • Worked simultaneously on 3 Market Center Top 20 teams (2015-2016)
  • Completed KW Bold twice
  • B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration
  • Has a love for taking the self-employed real estate model and turning it into a business model
  • Third-generation real estate agent and daughter of a third-generation builder.
  • Founded Hubbard Realty Group Charities (2020)

Welcome Jessica! ?

Message us if you’d like to explore coaching with Jessica!

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