October 25, 2023

Embracing ‘The Quest’: Key Takeaways from the Ops Boss® Leader Retreat

This year, the Ops Boss® Retreat centered around a potent theme: “The Quest.” As articulated by the CEO of Ops Boss Coaching, Christy Belt Grossman, “a quest encapsulates both the journey and the destination.”


The Real Estate Landscape: Navigating Disruption

The real estate industry stands at a crossroads. With fluctuating sales, rising interest rates, and disruptive technologies, the landscape is shifting. Yet, this changing paradigm is not without its silver linings. Christy’s experiences of her team’s ascent during previous industry upheavals to one of the nation’s first teams to ever reach a BILLION dollars in sales highlight the promise of the present – the potential for unmatched success. And thus, our theme, “The Quest,” was underscored by the mantra: “Outwork, Outlast, Outshine.” 

  • “OUTWORK” acknowledges not just the effort, but the passion and purpose that drive you every day.  
  • “OUTLAST” is a testament to the enduring spirit that keeps you pushing forward, even in the face of adversity. 
  • “OUTSHINE” speaks to the innate brilliance within you, not just to stand out, but to illuminate the way for others.

The Ops Boss® Retreat has always been about more than just business; it’s about genuine transformation. This year, we delved deep into the experiences of some attendees to understand the shifts they experienced.





Amina Basic profoundly emphasized a truth that resonates deeply with us: ‘Time is our most valuable currency.’ This reinforces our mantra of ‘Outwork, Outlast, Outshine.’ It’s a reminder that we cannot journey alone; leveraging work and collaboration is essential because no one can do it all by themselves.” – Christy Belt Grossman, CEO of Ops Boss® Coaching



At this year’s retreat, the remarkable Emme Stewart, a national elite-level gymnast at just 14, took the stage. Her insights into discipline and personal growth were deeply resonant. Emme’s love for gymnastics isn’t about winning or accolades but the mental and physical challenges it presents. She practices 4.5 hours a day, six days a week, showcasing a level of mastery few achieve. Emme’s team consists of five coaches, each helping her with different skills, primarily to conquer her fears — a powerful reminder of the significance of coaching. She spoke candidly about competing with friends, emphasizing the balance between mutual encouragement and individual aspirations. A pivotal experience for her was the shift from external pressures back to internal focus after a challenging national competition. Emme’s journey and strategies emphasize the importance of the process over the end result, a lesson we can all learn from.



Systems Boss at Ops Boss® Coaching, Brooke Wilson, delved deep into the session titled “The Gift” by keynote speaker Dan Stewart. One line that struck a chord with many attendees was Dan’s insight, “Whatever it is we want to achieve in life is more easily achieved through the relationships we build.” 

Dan pointed out that when you properly nurture relationships you can generate significant business outcomes. He said for every 100 relationships nurtured properly, you could reasonably expect to create 10-12 transactions. The importance of this approach is that true success isn’t just about numbers or transactions but about forging genuine, meaningful connections that lead to mutually beneficial outcomes.



Brooke Wilson, the Systems Boss at Ops Boss® Coaching, was especially captivated by Jessica Woodbeck’s session on thriving through the art of conversation. Jessica shared that every critical conversation has three elements:

Curiosity: By approaching each conversation with genuine inquisitiveness, you open the door to understanding. It’s this keen sense of wonder that allows you to truly listen, absorb, and then respond.

Empathy: This emotional bridge fosters a connection, letting the person on the other side know they are heard and understood. Jessica emphasized that it’s this compassionate approach that fuels relatability.

Courage: Having the bravery to approach tough topics, ask profound questions, and sometimes tread where others might avoid is pivotal. Courage catalyzes action, pushing both parties to move forward.



Ellenmarie Foga from The Mauz Group: Ellenmarie left the retreat with a two-fold plan. Professionally, influenced by the “Quest for Talent” session, she’s begun placing a greater emphasis on value alignment during recruitments. “It’s not just about skills,” she reflected, “but about aligning values.” 



Kirsten Pataky from Bright Ideas Realty: Kirsten’s experience at the retreat proved to be a catalyst for change in her operational dynamics. “Inspired by the ROI of Operations session,” she revealed, “I’ve initiated a quarterly audit of our processes.” This structured approach ensures that her business stays streamlined, efficient and dollar productive.



In a quest to inspire, enlighten, and transform, this year’s Ops Boss® Retreat was graced by the presence of Rodney Stotts, a master falconer, conservationist, and author of the book “Bird Brother”. Rodney’s journey, transitioning from a former drug dealer to now, as he puts it, a “happiness dealer”, serves as a powerful testament to the idea that one can indeed reinvent their destiny.

Rodney, also the subject of the acclaimed documentary “The Falconer”, brought with him not just insights from his remarkable journey, but also his feathered companions – Wendell and Mr. Hoots. Through their shared experiences, we gleaned several profound lessons:

The Generosity of Gifts: Rodney emphasized, “If you have a gift, don’t wait for people to ask, give it freely.”

Past as a Stepping Stone: “Don’t let your past mistakes predict the future you’re meant to have.” Rodney’s own life stands as evidence to this. Despite earlier missteps, he found purpose and passion, teaching us the resilience of the human spirit and the potential to pivot at any life juncture.

A Legacy of Betterment: Rodney left us with a simple yet profound directive: “Leave the world a better place each day.” Whether it’s in our professional endeavors or personal interactions, each day provides an opportunity to make a difference.

Rodney’s tale, as much as it is about redemption, is also about the power of nature, connection, and the boundless possibilities that await when one is guided by purpose and passion. His lessons serve as a beacon for all of us in our own quests, reminding us of the transformative power of resilience, generosity, and continual growth.



Kirsten Pataky from Bright Ideas Realty: On a more personal front, Kirsten has incorporated affirmations into her daily routine, drawing from the retreat’s emphasis on mental and emotional well-being. “The affirmations from Saturday morning,” she shared, “have become a daily ritual for me.”



Alicia Haschytz from Hvizda Realty Group: Alicia’s post-retreat blueprint involved a holistic approach to self-care. “Taking time for yourself isn’t selfish; it’s necessary for sustained success,” was her major takeaway from the “Self Care with Suzi” session. She has since incorporated regular self-care breaks in her daily routine, ensuring she remains energized and motivated.



Finding harmony between demanding careers and personal lives remains one of the significant challenges faced by Ops Bosses®. Stephanie Brackett’s session at the Ops Boss® Retreat provided attendees with tangible tools to address this challenge, one of which was a powerful exercise centered on core values.

Brooke Wilson, the Systems Boss at Ops Boss Coaching, recounted the impact of this exercise, noting, “Stephanie walked us through an introspective journey to identify our five core values. But the introspection didn’t stop there; we were then prompted to consider the five people we spend the most time with. Do they align with these values? It’s a simple yet profound exercise that underscores how our associations can influence our decisions, actions, and overall sense of well-being.”

Stephanie’s exercise was more than just a moment of reflection; it was a call to action. By ensuring our core values align with those we surround ourselves with, we can foster an environment conducive to professional success while also ensuring personal fulfillment and happiness. The balance, as many learned during the retreat, truly begins from within.



Christy Belt Grossman touched on the intricacies of wealth accumulation, stating, “The journey to wealth isn’t about quick gains; it’s about consistent, informed choices over time.” She emphasized that while the real estate market can offer immense rewards, it’s the well-informed, strategic moves that set the foundation for long-term success.

A highlight of the retreat was the introduction of the “Wealth Tracker”, a tool that not only aids professionals in tracking their assets but also assists in setting and achieving future financial milestones. In the fast-paced world of real estate, having such a tool to hand can make the difference between simply doing well and truly excelling.

Sara Calcagno of Bespoke Homes was quick to praise its effectiveness. “Since implementing the strategies discussed at the retreat and using tools like the Wealth Tracker, I’ve seen a tangible improvement in my asset accumulation. It’s no longer just about the next sale; it’s about the bigger financial picture.”



The Ops Boss® Retreat stands out as a beacon for those seeking both professional growth and personal rejuvenation. As we look forward to the next retreat, we carry forward the insights, memories, and transformative experiences from this year. Here’s to continual learning and growth!

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