November 5, 2020

Does Your Assistant Add, Subtract, Divide or Multiply?

Our CEO, Christy Belt Grossman, cohosts a podcast called “The Leader Equation (along with Linzee Ciprani, CEO of Ciprani Consulting, the nation’s top recruiter for real estate admin).

On the podcast, we interview Entrepreneurs and their “Shotgun Leaders” – inside and outside real estate. Which means we often host the nation’s top real estate agents and their Ops Bosses™.

Here’s what we discuss:

➕ What adds to the leadership formula?

➖ What subtracts?

➗ What divides?

✖ Most importantly how can YOU multiply your results?

There’s art. There’s science. What works? What doesn’t? Do unicorns exist or are they a figment of your imagination? Is there a model? How do Entrepreneurs find “the one” to partner with? How do “the ones” choose their Visionary? The questions are endless. We explore it all. Plus. Minus. Divide. Multiply. What’s the formula for success?

Now you get it. . . .The Leader Equation!

An Ops Boss™ is a MULTIPLIER.

Here’s a quick assessment for YOUR assistant to take to see if they are an “average assistant” or an Ops Boss™:

  • An “average assistant” expects to be trained and learns how to do their job. They may even do it well. An Ops Boss™ is constantly learning and growing in ALL areas of their life, including business. They are resourceful and figure things out on their own.
  • An “average assistant” files and/or pays bills. An Ops Boss™ puts together and/or analyzes your Profit & Loss Statement.
  • An “average assistant” does some sort of tracking of numbers. An Ops Boss™ tracks leading AND lagging indicators. AND analyzes the numbers to implement strategies to grow the team.
  • An “average assistant” hates to make mistakes. An Ops Boss™ embraces failure, knows failure is the fastest way to success, and does not repeat the failures.
  • An “average assistant” works “in the business”. They are task oriented, and crush checking things off a list. An Ops Boss™ timeblocks to ensure they also work “on the business” to create systems to move the business forward in growth.
  • An “average assistant” likes to be paid for time. An Ops Boss™ likes to be paid for results.
  • An “average assistant” is a great Follower. An Ops Boss™ is a great Leader.
  • An “average assistant” is an Empire Protector. An Ops Boss™ is a combination of an Empire Protector and Empire Builder, what I call an Intrepreneur.

Here’s a hint:

  • If your assistant “subtracts or divides” – it’s time to release them into the wild.
  • If your assistant “adds” – they are probably a talented assistant. That’s a good thing.
  • If your assistant “multiplies” – you’ve got an Ops Boss™! That’s a GREAT thing.

BOTTOM LINE: Everyone doesn’t need an Ops Boss™. Sometimes a good assistant is just perfect for your business. IF you want to GROW your business and GROW your life, an Ops Boss™ becomes imperative.

If your assistant is ready to “get bossy”, contact us or schedule a quick call! We can help in a variety of ways including classes, group coaching, 1:1 coaching and an annual retreat JUST for Ops Bosses™!

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