December 11, 2023

Business Owners: One Simple Tool To Change Everything For The Better

One of the tools we teach Business Owners to implement with their Administrative Leader/Director of Operations (Ops Boss®) is “The Coffee Date“. If you think this sounds simple, you’re right! Simple AND powerful!

What Is “The Coffee Date“?
  • A 30 minute once-a-month meeting where NO business is discussed.
  • It’s put on the calendar before each month starts (ideally the same day/time each month).
  • It can take place in person OR on Zoom (depending on whether your Ops Boss® works in house or virtually).
  • Phones are off, notifications are silenced.
  • And it doesn’t even have to include coffee!

The purpose of the meeting is to get to know each other OUTSIDE of business, to learn about each other on a deeper (more casual) level, and to connect.

Why Implement “The Coffee Date” ?
  • Because it improves the Visionary/Integrator relationship; and better relationships not only make doing business more fun, they accelerate RESULTS!
  • If we want to be vehicles for others’ success (and we do!), then we have to know about each other’s personal goals, interests, history, avocations, families and more.
  • Note: This does not replace your weekly “Goal Meeting” where you discuss business and personal goals. It amplifies it.
What Is The Format?
  • The format is not set in stone.
  • The tone is casual.
  • It can be done over lunch, while out “getting in your steps”, or as a Zoom call. Anywhere goes as long as there are no distractions.
  • You can just “catch up” with what’s going on in each others lives, you can take turns answering ice breaker questions, or you can follow the latest Tik Tok craze and do a R.E.P.O.R.T

Brooke (our Systems Boss here at Ops Boss® Coaching and my trusted thought partner) and I have done all of the above. I’ve learned she loves projects and gardening, is a creative crafter & DIYer, wants to raise chickens someday, knows what herbal remedies I should try when I’m not feeling great, has a cool, eclectic taste in music, used AI to help prepare her significant other for his firefighter exam, loves hiking, is intentional in her family relationships and spending time with them, devours podcasts & books, and likes learning on Tik Tok.

Speaking of Tik Tok, that’s where Brooke learned about doing a R.E.P.O.R.T. So if you don’t know where to start with your coffee dates, here’s a fun and easy way.

What Is A R.E.P.O.R.T.?

R.E.P.O.R.T. is an acronym format for sharing and getting the conversation started. We alternated so each person shared their R, E, P, O, R, then T. Here’s what it stands for.

What Are You:

  • (R)eading
  • (E)ating
  • (P)laying – like music, tv show, podcast
  • (O)bsessing over
  • (R)ecommending
  • (T)reating yourself to
In Summary

Business Owners – try “The Coffee Date“. You may feel like you already know your Ops Boss® personally. AND “The Coffee Date” is an easy, intentional way to keep level up both your relationship and the results you’re getting in your business. Time spent with people who are important to you is NEVER a waste of time. It’s an investment in your future. And you might be surprised to find what you learn!

I was.

PS – Did you know?
  • We have  a dedicated coach for Business Owners and their Administrative Leaders? We call it “Partnership Coaching.” Schedule a call if you’re ready to work better together, have more clarity around priorities, and develop systems for trust and closing the loop.
  • We also have a brand new class for admin called “Practically A Boss” launching in January to help them catch the flying squirrels of the Business Owner Entrepreneur.
  • Both are open to all industries.

Blog Post by: Christy Belt Grossman, CEO, Ops Boss® Coaching

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