November 30, 2020


It’s December. While the New Year is still on the horizon, our minds have already leapt ahead to 2021. What we do in November/December in real estate shows up in January/February. Most top producers have already set their goals for 2021. Has your assistant set his/her own goals?

We often hear admin (we prefer the term Ops Boss™) say they have goals like “improve systems” or “get more organized”. We’d like to suggest that you make your goals SMART (Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Results-Focused, Time Bound). “Getting organized” is not a SMART goal. So what do SMART Goals look like for an Ops Boss™?

The area most people seem to have trouble with is the “specific” and “measurable” part. So here are some great ideas from Elizabeth Gilbert, COO of Ron Henderson & Associates in Kansas City. Elizabeth is the Head of Group Coaching with Ops Boss Coaching and often works with assistants on setting SMART goals.

How do you measure success for an admin in quantifiable numbers? What goals does an admin need to set and how do you know if those goals have been met?

Here are 20 examples of measurable goals you can set and track in much the same way that agents track dials, contacts, appointments, and contracts closed. Tracking these metrics can be used for quarterly or yearly employee reviews. You and your agent may even decide to implement a bonus salary structure based on the performance outcome of these numbers.

1. Be mentioned by name 50% of the time in online reviews.
2. Acquire online reviews from 80% of those people who do business with your team.
3. Ask for referrals three times during the transaction.
4. Get 500 Likes on the team’s Facebook business page.
5. Get engagement (likes or comments) from 10% of the people who follow your Facebook business page.
6. Increase new visits to your team’s website by 10% each quarter.
7. Get 100 registrations through your lead capture system every month.
8. Keep track of how many times you give any part of your job back to the rainmaker. Work to decrease that number until you get to five or less every month.
9. Attend 5 training sessions every month. These could be in person or through a webinar.
10. Read 1 book every month that will help you do your job better. Report what you learned to your rainmaker.
11. Give 1 referral a month to someone on the team.
12. Keep track of how many times you complain out loud to someone on the team. Work to decrease that number until you get to five or less every month.
13. Set a budget with your rainmaker and make sure the team stays on budget every month.
14. Calculate how long it takes you to put a home on the market, process a contract, or complete all marketing activities. Work to get that time down.
15. Contact all vendors and negotiate a 10% decrease in what you are paying for those services.
16. Minimum of 3 contacts per day with current clients.
17. Agent receives no more than 2 calls about a current transaction.
18. Admin protects agent’s lead generation time and allows no outside disruptions that are within his/her control.
19. Admin tracks agent’s contacts/appointments/contracts and compiles a report every week.
20. Complete a 4-1-1/goal tracking sheet every week and accomplish 90% of the tasks and goals that are written on it.”

Here are 10 more ideas for SMART Goals for higher level Ops Bosses™:

1. Generate 20% more Seller leads in 2021 than in 2020.
2. Ensure $700,000 net profit.
3. Maintain operating expenses at 30%.
4. Recruit and retain 2 Buyer Agents.
5. Create an onboarding plan that gets agents into production within 90 days.
6. Create a retention system that retains 90% of our agents.
7. Implement a profit share plan for the team.
8. Increase our conversion rate from appointment to signed agreement by 20%.
9. Increase the number of people in our database by 25%.
10. Increase the percentage of people in your database who refer you business by 20%.

Having SMART goals is not only GREAT for the Agent, it’s rewarding for the Ops Boss™. When you set a goal to “get more organized” and you reach December, it’s kind of hard to measure your impact on the business. You may not even know whether it was just busy work, or whether it truly moved the business forward.

When you set specific, measurable goals, you can look back and see EXACTLY what you contributed to your agent and to the business, you see the GROWTH of the business, and you can take great pride in your success.

And we think THAT is Bossy!

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