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Meet Aly Flaningan-Napier, Ops Boss® Academy Coach & Consultant

Meet Aly Flaningan-Napier, Ops Boss® Academy Coach and Consultant.

Aly is the active Director of Operations at The Kimberly Davis Group, a powerhouse team in the North Texas/Dallas Fort Worth real estate area. Aly has been with the team since 2019 and under her operational leadership, she helped the team grow from $31M to $57M in volume through systems and operations. 

Aly’s journey in real estate operations began as a transaction coordinator, swiftly advancing through roles as listing coordinator and operations manager, before her well-deserved promotion to Director of Operations in 2023.  Along the way, she created systems to power $36K in sponsorship opportunities, generate 5x the number of agent referrals, and scale their client appreciation events by 500%. With her diverse administrative experience supporting small businesses in B2C industries like weddings, events, and boutique fitness studios, Aly brings unique insights to empower others in achieving operational efficiency and success. 

By being part of the leadership team, Aly assumes dual roles as both a strategist and an executor. She excels at completing tasks efficiently and values opportunities to nurture and enhance her operations department. Aly views the operations department as the core of any team, and understanding the effectiveness of its members ripples throughout the entire organization. She’s passionate about time blocking, turning efficiency into effectiveness, and creating results that improve the lives of her clients AND teammates.

This 5 year journey is what fuels Aly’s enthusiasm for sharing the foundational tools she has developed in our new Ops Boss® Academy. She is excited about accelerating exponential growth for others by sharing what she has learned and built. (Join the waitlist for the July 18th Launch!)

Aly finds fulfillment in mentoring others, conducting training sessions, and facilitating growth; which has led her to diverse and enriching career experiences. Committed to her leadership role, she believes in empowering everyone with the necessary tools, systems, habits, and frameworks to achieve success. Aly approaches leadership with a strong emphasis on mindset and perspective, recognizing their pivotal role in achieving goals and fostering a thriving organizational culture. 

Beyond her professional excellence, Aly's life is enriched with creativity, leadership, and a passion for technology. As a philanthropy chair,  self-proclaimed tech nerd and a recognized voice in discussions on artificial intelligence, Aly exemplifies the blend of tech-savviness and creativity, utilizing platforms like Canva and FloDesk to craft compelling narratives.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Aly cherishes her role as a double dog mom to Chopper, a Great Dane-Lab mix, and Wrigley, a Golden Retriever. These massive animals are a big part of her family, and she and her husband Josh wouldn't have it any other way. Aly and Josh, who have been partners in life since they tied the knot in 2020, share a unique bond, having grown up as across-the-street neighbors. Their shared passions extend into all things creative and crafty; they're enthusiastic DIYers, especially when it comes to home renovations. Aly's personal hobbies include scrapbooking and drawing on her iPad, allowing her to channel her creativity.

Aly and Josh are also known for their love of hosting, from murder mystery parties to baby showers and birthday celebrations. They seize every opportunity to celebrate with their friends and family, cherishing the moments they spend together. Aly's love for the outdoors is profound; she enjoys long walks, embraces a variety of workouts from boxing to cycling and yoga, maintaining an active lifestyle. Moreover, if you're ever in need of a good podcast recommendation, Aly is your go-to source, always ready to share her latest finds.

  • Director of Operations, The Kimberly Davis Group since 2019

    • KW Entire TX/NM Region Millionaire Agent Award

    • Ranked #54th in all of Texas by RealTrends

    • DFW RealProducers Agent

    • Plano Magazine Top Agent

    • D Magazine Top Producer 2023 (An honor received for the last 11 years)

    • North Dallas Top 500 Agents 2023

    • Named as a "BEST" team on Tom Ferry's list 2023

  • Philanthropy Chair, Alpha Delta Pi Alumni Association Board - Greater Washington D.C/Northern Virginia

  • 2023 Client Winner of the Ops Boss® Coaching Culture Award

  • Featured in the AI Article, "Aly Flaningan-Napier Of The Kimberly Davis Group On the Future of Artificial Intelligence" on

  • Ops Boss® Leader Retreat Panelist, 2023 - “Conquering The AI Frontier”

  • Coffee with Christy Panelist, 2023 - “Artificial Intelligence Early Adopter Panel”

  • Administrative experience supporting small businesses in B2C industries like weddings, events, and boutique fitness studios