July 20, 2022

Ops Boss® Welcomes Another Veteran Warrior!

BREAKING! Here’s some news we’ve had a hard time keeping quiet about!

Our team and business has grown slowly and surely, and only when we find the exact right people. Those of you who coach with us know we are OBSESSED with ensuring our clients have the ideal coach for YOU.

What our coaches have in common is a commitment to our mission, vision and values. And RESULTS.

“Dream BIG, Achieve BIG, IMPACT Lives”

“One by one, by one by one, we change the world”

  • Authenticity
  • Growth
  • Integrity
  • Faith
  • Passion

They don’t “sign on” to the mission. It’s something they are already living, long before we partner. Joining with us is a natural Alignment.

Anyone who joins our team must have a passion for helping others, brains like steel traps, and hearts that trump all. We observe how they give back, how they lead their teams, whether they pour into others, whether they seek growth constantly, how they conduct themselves during challenging times, and whether they are well respected and humble.

We are also convicted that depth of experience in not only the real estate industry, but real estate operations, is vital. Now more than ever, as we experience another shifting market, veteran warriors have unique value to offer our clients. We are proud that our coaches average FOURTEEN years in real estate operations, with many at 15 or more.

Speaking of veteran warriors, we are absolutely THRILLED to make this belated announcement.

Please welcome Kim Jones, the newest coach here at Ops Boss Coaching!

Kim joined us earlier this year. Just when we were about to announce her, she got the surprise of her life, another opportunity to show us what a warrior she is. She went in for routine surgery, and ended up with unexpected open heart surgery. It saved her life. And she has wowed every one of her medical professionals throughout her recovery with her mindset, grace and speed. A true warrior indeed. And we are happy to finally make it official.


Kim Jones is a second generation real estate professional and found a passion for the industry at a young age. She started her real estate career at just 19 years old working as a sales team assistant for a custom home builder in Albuquerque, NM.

She has since spent the last 19 years working and learning every seat of a real estate team (executive assistant, TC, ISA, Marketing Manager, DOO, and agent – WOW!) Her time spent selling homes and working on the Operations side of the industry has given Kim the ability to train and coach both the agents and operations staff on her team in multiple areas of the industry. 

In 2005 she moved to Clarksville, TN and worked as a director of first impressions for two different brokerages over the course of the next seven years. In 2012 she was offered the position of executive assistant and transaction coordinator to Travis Recer and the Recer Home Group in 2012. 18 months later, her husband separated from the Army after 23 years of service and they moved their family to PA for her husband to accept a new position. Kim took this opportunity to obtain her real estate license while working as the TC and marketing manager for a small team in her new area. 

Her time spent working as both a solo agent and an agent on a successful team taught her how much she truly loves the Operations side of real estate. In 2018, Kim and Travis made the mutual decision to join forces again with Kim working virtually for Recer Home Group. In the time between Kim moving to PA and re-joining Recer Home Group, Kim and Travis continued to work together at different levels, including real estate sales coaching. She started back with RHG as an ISA, went back into transactions, and eventually was promoted to Director of Operations and Marketing Manager. 

As their small team of many years began to quickly grow, Kim joined Ops Boss® Group Coaching as a coaching client in 2021 with the goal of scaling and leveling up her team’s systems to accommodate a higher level of production. She can personally attest to the effectiveness and level of accountability one can gain from coaching with Ops Boss®. The team has been recognized multiple times in “America’s Best Real Estate Professionals”.

Kim is passionate about empowering growth in others – whether it’s her family, her team or her coaching clients. “Relationships always come first and I apply that same philosophy with my coaching clients.  I love seeing people blossom. For me, it’s all about seeing people grow, and I thrive on enriching the lives of the people around me.”

If you want to learn more about coaching with Kim or any of our other incredible coaches Contact us to chat!

When Kim isn’t busy being an Ops Ninja she loves being outdoors whether it’s out on a hike with her husband, at the beach, or in her garden. She’s also a talented photographer!

Welcome Kim!

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